Using those measurements, I cost compared the three brands of Costco beer that had the most savings over my local liquor store. Molson Coors Coors Light ABV: 4.2%. We’ve compared the price of some hard liquor from Costco to a neighborhood liquor store previously and found that Costco’s prices were significantly lower. Enjoy low prices on name-brand Beer products. All rights reserved. They do not necessarily reflect our personal or professional beliefs. The results are in the following table, all prices are for a 24 pack of cans unless noted otherwise. Obviously depending on the State, you can find this beer (brewed by reputable brewers, of course) at $22 for a 48 pack. Salut, cheers, prost, geonbae, drink up, and here’s mud in your eye! Privacy PolicyDisclaimer: The Ads expressed herein are exclusively those of the Advertiser. I’ve reached out to Costco for comment, but Costco makes clear that it doesn’t have a media relations or PR department and there may be a delay in its response, if it responds at all. © 1998 — 2016 Costco Wholesale Corporation. Buying cases of Costco beer are less expensive on its own. With the 4th of July holiday coming up, and warmer Summer weather in general, many Clever Friends will be heading to the liquor store to stock up on adult beverages, including beer. once you take into account the other expenses and inconveniences of getting a keg (such as cups, ice, keg, and tap deposit). Welcome to Costco Canada Liquor Kirkland Signature® wine and spirits are highly crafted treasures. The “Variety Crate” box of 24 beers includes six each of four ales: stout, brown ale, pale ale, and IPA., which I procured for the entirely reasonable price of $19.99. Many people would just go to the nearest liquor store for convenience, and don’t shop around for the best price of their favorite fermented beverage. $44.99 24 × 330 mL bottles. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Copyright © 2006 - 2019 District Media, LLC. Memorable lines: “Kirkland Light: It’s 11 a.m. somewhere!”. Nowhere? “Nowhere.”. It would take about 7 cases of beer to equal a number of servings in a half barrel keg (about 16 gallons). Then I went to a nearby liquor store and gathered the price of the same products to compare. Click here to browse. In Michigan, there are state minimum prices on liquor, so they can’t charge any less than a store that sells brand names at state minimum prices. With a few exceptions, it’s basically the same stuff in the same packages you can buy in the supermarket at a very similar price. For example, a 48 pack of Kirkland Light beer can be purchased for $22.49 which is only slightly more than a 24 pack of Bud Light at a traditional liquor store. Compare business electricity prices with Utility Saving Expert. Whether these Kirkland products are good quality is subjective, but certainly worth a try! I would guess as time goes on, the selection will shift to reflect current trends. On top of it, I’ve heard that they just contract with the manufacturer of the brand name, but since they can’t sell the exact same formula, they’ll have them make it more pure. For example, a 48 pack of Kirkland Light beer can be purchased for $22.49 which is only slightly more than a 24 pack of Bud Light at a traditional liquor store. While this news doesn’t indicate that Kirkland Light could never make a grand return, it seems to be off the shelves for the time being. While the amount of discount isn’t uniform, and the selection isn’t large, if Costco carries your preferred brand, and you shop at Costco anyway, buying Costco beer can definitely save you money, even if you are considering getting a keg. Photo: ablokhin (iStock) Yesterday evening while perusing my Costco’s beer and wine aisle, I saw the usual suspects—the Kirkland Signature Craft Brewed mixed pack, margarita mix by the gallon—but one mainstay was missing. Costco carries items in our warehouses which may not be available online. Costco’s got the goods when it comes to boozy bargains. I asked an assistant manager at my Costco about it, and he told me the beer had been discontinued nationwide. Though Kirkland Light beer was reportedly not very good (I’ve never had it, and perhaps now I never will), it did have a cult following.


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