COSRX Full Fit Propolis Light Cream ingredients: Propolis extract, butylene glycol, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, 1,2-hexanediol, honey extract, royal jelly extract, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, cassia obtusifolia seed extract, cetearyl olivate, beeswax, cetearyl alcohol, sorbitan olivate, allantoin, arginine, carbomer, xanthan gum. No reviews yet, be the first to leave a review. For this reason, if I had to choose between the toner and the ampoule, I’d choose the toner every time. The older packaging for this product spelled it “Ampule,” which gives both me and my spellcheck fits. thank you for contacting Beauty Insider Malaysia. I have used this with a moisturizer, but it will work great alone. ), How to Start a True Anti-Aging Skincare Routine, No Matter Your Age or Budget, Niacinamide 101: Why Every Skin Type Needs This Wonder Ingredient in Their Routine, 3, 5, or 7-Skin: Find Your Magic Number For This Skin-Saving Method, K-Beauty Moisturizers 101: From Emulsions to Balms & Everything in Between, Ceramides 101: The Unassuming, Must-Have Skincare Ingredient for Healthy Skin, Graveyard Shift Beauty: The Best Overnight Workers For Your Skin, AHA 101: Wanna Get AHAs Into Your Routine? 5 Beauty Products That Deliver Results, Why a Hydrating Emulsion Might be the Game-Changing Moisturizer You Need Right Now, Suffering From Bumps and Breakouts Beneath Your Mask? Jadi, para penggunanya pun tak perlu khawatir saat harus membawanya ke dalam tas saat bepergian. On the other hand, however, the propolis, honey, and royal jelly extracts in this cream can help with the irritation and inflammation caused by a damaged barrier, so I do see the reasoning behind the name. It sinks into my skin quickly and instantly quenches even the thirst my face feels on a super dry Santa Ana winds day. Not because of any hesitation about using it, but because I’m currently experiencing a certain Golden Age of moisturizers. There are NO irritants in the ingredients, just like the article describes, like fragrance or essential oils, that would cause my over sensitive skin to freak out! I wouldn’t rely on this cream to restore a barrier damaged by over-exfoliation or high pH cleansers, since it lacks the ceramides and cholesterol I’d expect to see in a cream marketed for that purpose. Saat tutupnya dibuka, terdapat extra lid untuk menjaga isi produk agar lebih higienis. When I use this as my only step before moisturizer in my morning routine, my skin stays noticeably smoother and calmer throughout the day. Despite that, I do think the ampoule is a nice starter product for someone interested in propolis. The Propolis Light Ampoule contains more propolis but no honey, and in general I’ve found that honey gives a more powerful moisture boost than propolis alone. I don’t think I’ve ever used a propolis toner before. * Sulwhasoo’s Overnight Vitalizing Mask and recently released Timetreasure Revitalizing Sleeping Mask for when I need to wake up with extreme radiance. I didn't understand toners and essences til I tried them, and now I will not go without. Switch To Yoodo For Free And Get RM10 Credit For PUBG, COD And More! The Propolis Light Cream has quickly earned a spot in my moisturizer rotation, and my complexion is happier because of it. Here’s What You Should Know First, BHA 101: Why This Multitasking Acid May Be the Missing Link in Your Routine, The Mega Glow Guide 101: How to Restore Radiance to Dull Skin, How to Tell Whether You Have Dry Skin or Dehydrated Skin — And Why It Matters, Dry Skin 101: How to Have the Best Skin Ever Even If You Lack Those Good Oils, 4 Steps to Dealing With Super Oily, Shiny Skin (While Still Keeping the Glow), Oily Skin 101: How to Balance It, Get Glowing & Embrace the Shine, Combination Skin 101: The Most Confusing Skin Type Demystified, The 10-Step K-Beauty Skincare Regimen: When to Use What, What Is Rosacea & How a 5-Step K-Beauty Routine Can Help You Manage It, These 6 Things Help Me Manage the Beast That Is Adult Hormonal Acne, Help! Beauty Insider is your best source for beauty reviews on makeup, skincare, haircare, spas and salons. COSRX Honey Ceramide Eye Cream offers a solid mix of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients to keep the eye area soft and comfortable, with some ceramides to strengthen the moisture barrier and prevent excessive Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) leading to dryness. The propolis in their honey-free Ultimate Moisturizing Overnight Honey Mask calms my skin when it’s irritated.


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