I think you have listed the most important conditions that affect the lightfastness of alcohol inks. To be clear, only 9 months have passed and the project is now pretty much ruined. Humidity will play a role in drying time. I just tried the Kielty (SP?) We are also seeing some newcomers to the market that are promising lightfast alcohol inks, which is interesting and potentially exciting. Sure, but that won’t stop fugitive ink. I just waited for them to dry and they did not smear. Is there a UV spray, fixative, or sealant that will stop the fading? I’d pay through the nose for a truly permanent marker and I would recommend them to all my students. We are exploring reformulating our inks as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best possible colors and groupings possible and will be happy to announce those changes when completed. Fran, good question. Would that possibly protect it enough that those coloured burns not fade under lights? I embarrassingly never knew this about their ink. Can we frame them behind protective glass? Manufacturers such as Ranger are formulating their newer colors with lightfastness in mind and continue to improve their inks by choosing dyes that are proven to be more lightfast. The marker drawing is a plan for making art with something else. Holy cow. Sep 21, 2019 - Do you know that Copic Marker is not permanent? Brought to you by. Press J to jump to the feed. Scan all your projects using a high quality scanner using the best settings. “It is difficult to determine the longevity of Alcohol Ink once the bottles have been opened and exposed to air, and other variables. I believe the thinning of the ink makes the color more susceptible to fading, especially on thinner papers.’, All that about alcohol ink fastness etc is very interesting but Krylon sprays are recommended to protect work. I scanned the chameleon again today, nine months later, so that you could fully appreciate the typical look of very average Copic fading. I have almost from the beginning added Jacquard Pearl-Ex powders and powdered pigments to my alcohol inks. “As you may know, Copic® markers and inks are hand-assembled by the craftspeople of the venerable Japanese art supply firm “Too.” Corp. Are you crazy? However, out of direct sunlight or other bright, harsh lights (such as halogens), they will last a long while. That still won’t stop oxygen, moisture, and the tick-tock of the clock. Any recommendations on where to scan and print? Fran. In fashion, a Fashion Designer used markers to draw the cut, style, and color of a garment. In advertising, an Art Director would plan out an advertising campaign and an Illustrator would use markers to draw mock-ups of the advertisement for client approval. Embrace your medium. Do you think you could use alcohol ink on a window? Only a little of the B37 remains and now it looks more like C2. You just never noticed it. Copic markers are not lightfast. Your email address will not be published. In architecture, an Architect would use markers to draw street level views of his building for client approval. I would say do a few test on your end to see the results. I do know that myself and others have not had fading issues on items that have not been exposed to sunlight. You are using the wrong tool to create long-lasting framable art. by Laurie “Trumpet” Williams. The good news is, with the right paper and proper care, a piece will last years without (or with very minor) fade. http://www.theenchantedgallery.com/lightfast.html, http://www.justpaint.org/dont-fade-away-recent-testing-of-protective-coatings/, Laurie Trumpet Williams, Alcohol Ink Artist & Instructor, How to Paint Turtle in Alcohol Ink (FULL VERSION), American Chemical Society – http:/ /cen.acs.org/articles/94/i5/Van-Goghs-Fading-Colors-Inspire.html, The Enchanted Gallery Lightfastness Test –. Great question! Outdoors or very well-ventilated area, spray 2-3 light coats, allowing an hour drying time between layers. Why haven’t they done something about this? But I used resin on my paintings from the beginning and also used Liquitex Soluvar Varnish to seal the inks before the resin. For those unfamiliar with my work, I am working with alcohol inks based on their chemical composition, viscosity, and their reactions with other inks, etc. Other than that, I have original alcohol ink on YUPO and on tiles that show absolutely no signs of fading. This company has never conducted the testing to provide us with an official statement on the lightfastness of its alcohol Various Inks. Copic markers were designed for graphic designers, poster makers, etc., and not for artists making original works. Fugitive inks fade with time, not exposure. Many prints are no longer inexpensive. Keep digital master copies of all your artwork. This really breaks my heart:( I love using them so much and the results are beautiful. Graphic Art is designed to be graphically reproduced. But for now, if I want to make art that lasts for generations, I’m simply not going to choose markers. We get this question quite often in our Facebook groups and communities. Fugitive means Copic fades even without exposure to light. Once diluted with alcohol, they may have colorfast issue just like the others. My first exposure to alcohol inks was working with them on polymer clay. There are two other major factors we’ve discovered over the years are thickness of paper and use of colorless blender. Your projects have been fading all along. Under optimal conditions, does anyone know the shelf-life of Tim Holtz alcohol ink? There is great value in reproductive art. Not in direct sunlight (about 25 feet from the nearest sunbeam and the windows are commercial UV glass designed to protect scrapbooking inventory). Graphic Art was never intended to be a final product. Good psa. Estimated shelf life is 12-24 months+. Yes I was going to use alcohol ink on my garden table with tempered glass over the top, but now I’m concerned this will fade too? However, this doesn’t mean that the art behind Kamar® is UV protected… hence the need for the second step of UV protectant. They follow our community and seem willing, for the most part, to help us understand the boundaries of their products. Plus, you can resize small originals into large prints and print onto a number of substrates including canvas and metal, allowing you to charge more for print sales! In landscaping, a Landscape Designer would use markers to layout the plan for gardens. Flyers. “Here is what the ad will look like; do you approve?”. You make cards or personalized drawings with your markers. Transparency allows all the rays to pass through and quickly fade the inks. I think there are so many conditions that contribute to fading so best to do anything we can to minimize it from the beginning. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There are no limits to the number of times you can print a project. If you want to draw or color something that lasts, you need to use materials that last. If the sprays don’t effect the glossiness of the resin that that option sounds way more affordable! Fugitive means Copic fades even without exposure to light. Thank you for sharing this. Copic is a “fugitive” ink. Note: In the testing done by Golden, they used 6 coats of UV spray! If you seal it with Kamar (to set the inks), then resin, you’ll probably be fine. This vibrancy and beauty bring so much joy to anyone who has the pleasure of viewing an alcohol ink piece. Fugitive inks fade with time, not exposure. I love experimenting and trying all new products and cannot wait five or ten years to see if there is going to be a problem down the road. The technologies in the printing industry with giclée printing as well as laser printing, offers an excellent alternative with advances in archival inks that are estimated to last over 100 years! However, in independent testing by various artists, most alcohol inks colors remained stable if hung indoors outside of direct sunlight. Fugitive means Copic fades even without exposure to light. Vanilla Arts Co. LLC and Marker Novice are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.


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