There may be problem of storage due to over production. It involves the cultivation of large hectares of land As a result of the use of machines, it can lead to soil erosion and pollution of the environment. (c) The yield is usually low. His writing has appeared in many journals and websites such as The Milk House, The Country Folks, Progressive Dairyman and Three Times Daily. Today we would be discussing and learning on Subsistence and Commercial agriculture. 4. As the result of rural-urban movement, there is little or no availability of members present to help. The crop that is used both, as food and fodder. Problem of large acquisition of land This article excerpt attempts to shed light on the difference between subsistence and commercial farming. 5. Production of cheap products As a result of mass production, the sale prices of products are usually very low and affordable. This is because it specializes in a specific crop in order to become more productive. Arable farming refers to the cultivation of crops, as opposed to raising livestock. Family labour supply is unreliable Four characteristics of commercial farming in India are 1. Major characteristics of commercialfarming in India are given below (i) Commercial farming is crop selective and aim for industrial inputs or export oriented. here are the top Characteristics of Commercial Bank. The crops and livestock in commercial farming are produced on a large scale, and grown in huge farms, using machinery, irrigation methods, chemical fertilizers, and other technologies. It increases yield Other animals farmed for dairy include goats, camels and sheep. There are certain characteristics that distinguish arable farming from other forms of agriculture, such as the size of the farm, the type and diversity of the crops, and the tools used to harvest them. All the banking features of commercial bank would be appropriate. 4. 1. Arable farming refers to the cultivation of crops, as opposed to raising livestock. What is subsistence agriculture? 3. Characteristics of subsistence agriculture Characteristics of Commercial Farming. 3. (d) The pressure of population is high on land. Major characteristics of commercialfarming in India are given below (i) Commercial farming is crop selective and aim for industrial inputs or export oriented. Market Prices. Commercial agriculture leads to specialization of labour because all operations are mechanized. This results in low yield since the use of these tools have limits compared to tractors ,ploughs etc. Provision of quality products Subsistence agriculture is defined as the type of agriculture that is concerned with the production of food by a farmer to feed him and his immediate family. Some of the largest crop farms are found in Canada and the Midwest of the United States. Sugar cane and bananas are more likely to be grown in the Caribbean, while corn, soybeans, and alfalfa are more commonly harvested in Nebraska. 4. Sole cropping system is usually practiced 3. What is commercial agriculture? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture; Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages, Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience From Osogbo to Modakeke, Osun State, PLANT NUTRITION: MEANING, MICRO AND MACRO NUTRIENTS, PROCESSES, FUNCTIONS, DEFICIENCIES. Many arable farms practice monoculture, or only growing one or two crops. It requires heavy capital for the purchase of farm materials, mechine, and payment of labours and expertise It involves mainly the production of food crops alone. Provision of quality products It can lead to soil erosion and pollution Use of small farmlands It employes skilled labour No surplus for sale Mixed system of farming is usually practised. 2. Location of Commercial Grain Farming : Commercial grain farming has successfully developed in economically developed tem­perate region where population density is low, availability of land is high and only a small fraction of the population is dependent on agricultural activities. It involves the use of local tools eg hoe, cutlass etc. It provides for the basic needs of the family. 1. 3. (a) ragi (b) jowar Problem of storage Outbreak of pests and disease It involves a small area of land. (ii) Intensive application of modern technologies. The commercial agriculture require large surface of area or high technology and expertise to meet it expects production target or goal 2 capital intensive. Improved varieties of crops and breeds of animals are used Advantages of Commercial agriculture 1. That’s good I did mine that in ss1 third term, Before then, I have already did it in junior class. In most cases, arable farmers can not set their own price for their goods, but instead are dependent on market prices. Problems of Subsistence agriculture 8. Large area of good fertile are not usually available for commercial agriculture. 1. Commercial Farming is the farming method in which crop production and cattle rearing are performed with an intention to sell the produce in the market. Owing to the use of a large area of land, there is an increase in farm yield. Another distinguishing feature of arable farming is that everything that is grown is sold at market prices. 9. 10. Specialization of labour (ii) Intensive application of modern technologies. Crude tools are used 25. In some cases, such as dry shelled corn, the farmer may be able to hold onto his harvested crop until there is a more opportune time to sell it; with more perishable crops, this is not possible. It is mostly practiced by peasant farmers. Depending on the crop, it may include plows, cultivators, sprayers, choppers, or other types of equipment. Commercial farming, as it is evident from the name, it is a farming practice in which the farmer and other labours are involved in the production of crops, for commercial purposes. 1 large scale production. A lot of money is involved because most operations are mechanized. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Two broad categories of farming have been identified. There is no specialization. 1. 1. (b) Transport and communication plays an important role.


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