For starters, they've got a high mana curve for a wizards deck, very poor artifacts (they've got 2 worth mentioning. Here’s the final verdict: Commander 2017 decks are pretty decent and are definitely good additions to your collection. He was rating that looking at all of magic, not just the precons. Cunning and devious, Ojutai's brood glides silently through cold mountain peaks, freezing prey with their icy breath. This site is ©, Magic The Gathering MTG Commander 2017 Deck – Arcane Wizardry, Magic The Gathering MTG Commander 2017 Deck – Draconic Domination, Magic The Gathering MTG Commander 2017 Deck – Feline Ferocity, Magic The Gathering MTG Commander 2017 Deck – Vampiric Bloodlust. All rights reserved. Dragons is a bit cumbersome as you said. With these tips in mind, you’ll need to upgrade this deck to play it competitively. 1/1 Vampire creature for Edgar Markov 5. In one timeline on the world of Tarkir, Taigam is a dark wizard who betrayed his clan, defecting to the Sultai where he's working his way up the ranks, ruthlessly seeking power to fulfill his selfish ambition. Your options for spells are somewhat limited, so you might need to add some decent removals or counters to better control the game. White also allows the vampires to get removal like utter end or anguished unmaking that they otherwise wouldn't be able to run. She has many a tale of adventure, and will happily share them if there's a crackling fire and warm drink involved. That Teneb reprint almost begs you to play Scion as your commander, but again, that doesn't solve the 5C issue. Considering there are bazillion wizard-type creatures in MTG, Inalla is a very valuable commander if you’re planning to upgrade Arcane Wizardry. Combined with Door of Destinies, your army of tokens can become monsters and the only choice for your opponent at that point will be to wipe the board altogether. Today, we revealed the full Card Image Gallery for Commander (2017 Edition), and all week I was getting the same question: Well, typically we wait until the Wednesday following the full reveal of the set, because Gatherer updates then, and you can see all the cards in the decklists in under their proper type and in a way where you can hover over them or click on them to see what the card does. Cats has a very fast beatdown start that forces the slower decks to play to the board rather develop synergistic noncreatures. Normally I agree a lot with SPBKASO, but I think he rated the vampire deck a bit oddly. Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Compiled by Eli Shiffrin and Matt Tabak, with contributions from Laurie Cheers, Tom Fowler, Carsten Haese, Nathan Long, and Thijs van Ommen Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. He found fame as a renowned weaponsmith and now wields a magical hammer of invincibility that allows him to hold hot, fiery metal. 2/2 Cat Warrior creature with forestwalk for Jedit Oj… Although the deck has a horrible mana base, your opponents will have a very hard time stopping your dragons. All said, I'd rank both Wizards and Dragons pretty far below the Cats and Vampires as far as out-of-the-box experience is concerned. You need to gather your power before commencing that all-out attack, so if your opponent can prevent you from getting board control early on, you’ll get crushed before you can get your vampires ready for war. Newer sets are much cheaper than 2017 and maybe even more compatible with future releases. All rights reserved. Learn more here. Getting all Commander 2019 or 2020 decks would be cheaper than buying one of the Commander 2017 decks, so there is that. It's a great Timmy deck, and it has a lot of pieces for fun deckbuilding, especially because 5C dragons is already a fun deck to build. The deck has a decent amount of single-target removal and some powerful artifacts, so you can easily get back on track if you suffer some damage. Commander 2017 can be considered old, but you won’t have a hard time finding these decks online.


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