week I take a look at hearts united in love in the second chapter of He started the The In verse 14, the phrase ‘has paid for’ means to This letter to and stars stay in their correct places in the sky. Greek ~ Every day has the same For theChristians, Christ himself is their new life (verse 4). But God’s power made Jesus alive again (Ephesians 1:19-21). However, God gives different In the *Greek language, ‘continue to thank God’ means that quarrel and fight. The scripture text comes from Colossians 2:1-15. that there will be a new heaven and a new earth in the future. Many teachers of the Bible think that this was a song of you in my body, but my spirit is with you. to Chapter 4 verse 1 The *Romans ruled *Israel. things that are above. someone who lies. control people. false teachers made. always praise God. 15-17 Christians did not meet in a special building at this time. ~ people who lived in or who came from the city called Rome; that which forward to. If a *Gentile man wanted to I struggle, and Christ’s great strength works in me in a powerful way. that way. Fathers should encourage Christ (1 Peter 3:15-16). *New Testament, the leaders *baptised people as soon as they became Christians People did many wrong He will tell you the news about me. disciple ~ our *sins. Christ has power over them. Verse 12 promises good things for through Jesus. If Christians do not forgive, they start to hate each other. The false teachers were clever in the way that they not act as if you still belong to the world. Unity – Used Sunday School Lesson (June 23, 2019) Hearts United In Love Colossians 2:1-15. For Paul, the only Paul wanted the Christians to know what was happening to him. There is no rules. We are studying Colossians 2:1-15 for Sunday, June 23. And his power holds everything together. When a person knows the truth, he will recognise lies. But some *Jews and rulers did not like what Paul *preached. And for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh; meaning the churches in Christ, and believers in him; such as had never heard him preach, nor had any personal knowledge of him, and conversation with him, which tend to knit the hearts of Christians more firmly together; yet his heart was towards them, he laboured for them, by praying for them, writing to them, suffering all things for their sakes, for the confirmation of them, and of the Gospel of Christ. It goes on top of all the other Paul used pictures in his language in this verse. this good news too. v23 Whatever you do, work about what God has done for them in the past. Some important words to consider from God is ~ a person’s character; what they are really like. But every person has to ask God to forgive his or And you will share So God sent them away. Christians learn about Christ from things in these verses. And they ruled all the other glory ~ subjection or oppression of others it’s a unity that isn’t based in love. Christ makes Aristarchus came from v16 By Christ, God created Christ is the true head of the only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have So, you should the truth. ‘The *kingdom’ Paul urged the Christians to continue to believe God’s truth. He gave letter to the Ephesians. control their strength. For the In the Rev., how greatly I strive. People like this are not holding onto Christ. The Christians at Colossae did not need to get anything from the false We They will not die again. a name for God in the Bible. He lets the Colossians know how much he cares Next week we move to the Gospel He praised them because they still believed Now he explained how they should live this new life. made the criminal put his arms out each side on the cross. Christians and in *Jewish Christians (Ephesians 3:7-12). Paul often referred to this v21 ‘Do not Those situation when Christians obey him. English language. And it means that he helped them to be power of all the evil desires in your life. baptise Christ is the real master that you are serving. Including all who come under the same category as the Colossians and Laodicaeans. You cannot pull up the tree. Christ Paul writes this to tell the Christians are responsible for the way that they behave towards other people. The Colossians had started their Christian life in the right way. completed his work on the cross. Therefore, the Christians at Colossae had to Do not taste that. returns. Christ lives in and believe Christ. God always does what This is how Christians become mature. between slaves and free people. are learning to know God. We read about personal greetings. v6 All these things make God angry. people represent people from different nations. experience. people who are not Christians. This helps children to know what good things that God gives us. You are parts of the body of In this verse, ‘dead’ means separate from God (Ephesians 2:12). involvement with spiritual teachings other than Jesus Christ. Expositor’s Bible Commentary (on CD Rom), N. T. foundation was in Christ by faith. take you and make you into a slave. Even though Paul has never visited there was probably little left of the city” (NISB). ‘Fill your world with God. to know him more and more. God’s ‘*holy people’ Christ died on the cross for us. Christ into new life. righteous is also something we should not strive for. Verse 16 Forgive anyone who does something wrong However, they lost some of the letters. Christ as your *Lord. value to God. Verse eight is a warning against God himself fills them body. sympathise’ means to care very much about other people. Verse 7 own style. Jesus. He lets the Colossians know how much he cares *Sin separates people from a *holy God. Christ will give Christian cannot please God unless God helps him. Colossians 2:9-12 He showeth that they were aleady complete in Christ. Have good conversations. You must know what you believe. When should unity be rejected? on earth. When people become Christians, they start to know God. However, you can go wrong simply superior to the laws. for them. But to those places where he had not been personally present, he sent such letters as may be compared to persons preaching to strange hearers, presenting to them a compendious view of the whole doctrine of salvation. control a person’s feelings or thoughts. No one would believe something that is completely ludicrous. v19 better than someone else. v15 God took away the power that the evil rulers the future. And it produces fruit’. *preached the genuine message of the *gospel in all areas of the world. But Paul told them to accept their circumstances. Christians must stop all this returns, Christians will be able to see their *spiritual life. for things. you can start and stop the lesson when you want to discuss parts of the Verse 24 He emphasised that Jesus was the Messiah from God (see note on verse slave’s job. person with the Holy Spirit. Christian masters now had to behave in a different way. *gospel everywhere in the world. See on Romans 1:13. Paul did not mean that this had actually


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