Thus, we went with the deeper 22 7/8″ units for him. We didn’t want to install a frame that wasn’t super sturdy, so we had to buy an entirely new large frame and start over, this time building it standing up in the closet. See how it’s done. I was wrong. Those are for their DONE products. I’ll also use the middle unit for more hanging items and dresses. – Tracey’s Bright Beach House, Reader SOS – Living Room Furniture Layout, Reader SOS – Mid-Century Modern Spanish Bungalow, Reader SOS – Transforming a Concrete Patio, How to Make a DIY Acrylic Dry Erase Board, Using Chalk Spray Paint to Transform Outdated Decor, Refreshing Mocktail Recipes for Pregnancy, A Family Favorite – Coconut Crispies During the Holidays, Tips to Survive DIY Projects with your Significant Other, 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – My Top Picks, The Best Sports Bras for Breastfeeding Moms. I’m using the BUMERANG natural wood hangers. Of the closet systems we’ve considered, IKEA’s Boaxel closet system has the best combination of easy customization, low price, and availability. The master closet that came with the house only had hanging options and not really any shelving to organize folded clothes so most of it when into storage bins or just sat on the floor. Filling in the many holes in each frame. We didn’t add drawer fronts to our last closet–you can see how it looked here. In one drawer I didn’t have any storage boxes, and my jeans stand up pretty well. 00. Try to be patient when adding things. I’m thinking the small drawers will be for bras, underwear, socks, bathing suits, etc. It’s a neat touch that makes us both feel very fancy. RAKKESTAD. Now, onto the biggest lessons we learned once we got started…. The PAX fitted wardrobe system allows you to design the look, size and interior to create your own personal wardrobe. We had our contractor add an outlet to the closet so we would have a spot to plug in the “hub.” Then, we installed these lights in the back of the trays, so they illuminate when you open them. This is a beast of a post with tons of information and a video where I show you how to use IKEA… I highly recommend buying these cover plates to fill the hundreds of holes in the frames. *Tip: Use the hand with squiggly lines button to move your design around*. Since we’re the only ones who will even look up and see, it’s totally fine that it isn’t 100% built into the wall. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yippeee…the best part! Only problem I’ve had with the entire set-up in the few days its been there is that one of the drawers will hit the side-panel thanks to the front panel being a little off-kilter thanks to my construction technique. Once the new hanging rail was installed there was no possible way that anything was going to budge, even though we didn’t attach the chest itself to the rear wall. Here’s the floor plan we made for our closet: You need to make sure you have all of these elements listed out because the last thing you want is to buy all your Pax units, then realize they cover up a floor vent! Hopefully, these tips to install the IKEA PAX closet are helpful for anyone looking to tackle this easy (yet time-consuming!) And the cherry on top is that IKEA has a 365 days return policy so even if you’ve assembled your PAX wardrobe and you don’t like it, just return it in the store! Once it’s tight and you feel the metal hooked behind the drywall, you can snap off the excess plastic, hence, the name! In smaller living quarters this can be a real space saver. You can adjust the measurements. This one will hold jewelry. The middle rack will have hanging clothes. Wow! The PAX system doesn’t include the correct hardware to attach each frame to the wall, but I think it’s important that you don’t skimp on this step. I think it’s also important to attach the IKEA PAX frames together for a secure and polished look. I naively assumed we would have the entire thing built in a few hours. Then, above, he has a hanger for dress pants and shelves for shoe storage. Next, you’ll be able to add in doors and windows. Easy breezy. We were able to get four of the five frames built in a day and then it took another hour to finish building the new large frame. See all chests of drawers. If you follow along on Instagram, you know we are in the midst of renovating it. I used the TaskRabbit Assembly Service to have the closet assembled and do all the custom lighting. Our wardrobes come in all sorts of sizes and designs to suit your clothes, style and space. When you add the windows and door, you’re able to add all the dimensions and location. This left us with 8″ of extra space that we’re covering with wood (since we’re building them in). ), but Finn always reads the instructions all the way through before starting. All widths are available in each of the depths and heights listed, too. This is a beast of a post with tons of information and a video where I show you how to use IKEA’s Pax Planner. I’m Casey, the voice behind The DIY Playbook. I think Finn did the math and it was something like 1600 holes. Then, those drawers below the hanging clothes will house jeans, workout clothes, with more shoes in the bottom drawers, and sweaters in one of the middle ones. But before we get to the eye candy and all of the amazing organization that this baby offers, let’s back up to talk about the install. Open wardrobe with 3 drawers 27 1/2x78 3/8 "$ 139. I think choosing which width Pax units to buy is also a personal preference.


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