Professor Zoom | The Thinking Cap allows DeVoe to project his mental energy. He also gathered all the humans on the bus and calculated precisely when Barry Allen would run and turn them into metahumans as well, which happened. [1] In October 1947, the Thinker was one of the six original members of the Injustice Society, who began battling the Justice Society of America in All Star Comics #37 (Oct 1947). Brutale | Batman Returns: Penguin | Red Triangle Circus Gang (Organ Grinder, Poodle Lady, Tattooed Strongman, Stungun Clown, Thin Clown, Fat Clown, Sword Swallower & Knifethrower Dame) | Max Shreck | Catwoman | Charles "Chip" Shreck Alias: The bullets ricocheted, killing him. Joe Chill | Wracked with guilt after accidentally paralyzing his cousin, he was admitted into a mental institution. Lock-Up | Key | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [1] He always sought out new scientific devices to use and his most important was the "Thinking Cap," a metal hat that could project mental force. Suicide Squad: Eyes of the Adversary (Enchantress & Incubus) | Suicide Squad (Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, Killer Croc, Slipknot & Amanda Waller) | Joker's Gang (Joker, Jonny Frost, Panda Man & Monster T) | Griggs [3] In Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #99 Carmichael was transformed into the Thinker as part of the genre-wide trend in which civilian cast members were almost completely eliminated from superhero comics.[3]. Scarecrow | This character, team or organization is or was primarily an enemy of the Justice Society, in any of its various incarnations. Season 6: Bloodwork | Anti-Monitor | Eva McCulloch | Black Hole (Joseph Carver, Ultraviolet, Kimiyo Hoshi, & Sunshine) | Reverse-Flash | Frost | Mirror Clones | Monitor | Matthew Norvock | Godspeed | Pied Piper | Lex Luthor | Amunet Black | Goldface | Gorilla Grodd | Solovar | Rag Doll, Comics He resurfaced in Keystone City to battle Wally West, the then-current Flash, in an attempt to control every brain in Keystone in order to increase his power. Wizard | Skills/Powers: Hibbard. See, The Clifford DeVoe version of the Thinker makes non-vocal cameo appearances in the, The Clifford DeVoe version of Thinker makes a non-vocal cameo appearance in the, The Clifford DeVoe version of the Thinker appears in, This page was last edited on 12 November 2020, at 23:15. Holly Robinson | Film Freak | Steeljacket | The unidentified Thinker as seen in the interior artwork from, "How The Flash Could Use The Cerebral Inhibitor To Defeat The Thinker", Last Days of the Justice Society of America,, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, ← The character Uncle Marvel was debuted by Otto Binder and Mark Swayze. However, this proves useless, when Devoe himself was shown to deal with the powers of the Vibe. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies: Lex Luthor | Major Force | Metallo | Amanda Waller | Toyman | Solomon Grundy | Gorilla Grodd | Killer Frost | Lady Shiva | Giganta | Mongul | Captain Cold Going to his house to kill DeVoe, Norvock was tricked into shooting a reflection in a steel mirror. Evil Star | King Snake | Thinker is a prisoner of The Hall of Doom, a flying prison for humans and Metas. Weather Wizard | Showing intelligence from an early age, he eventually found employment as a DA. Speed Demon | CorruptionMurderTheftAttempted hegemonyTreason Terrific built a new state of the art security system out of the original Thinker's Thinking Cap technology. Per the original comic version of Clifford DeVoe, the villain actually gains most of his mental powers from a vital accessory. [4] In Plateau City, the police nab a shabbily dressed man who is trying to shoot the governor. Get the powers of metahumans on the bus (sucessfull). | Dracula | Rumor | Toyman | Mirror Master | Lex Luthor | Black Mask | Sinestro | Joker 2.0 | Prank | Killgore Steed | Team Penguin | Julie | Spellbinder | The Joining | Cosmo Krank | Marty Slacker | Scorn, Beware the Batman Penguin | He was mentioned once in one of the episodes of the third season by Savitar. Maxie Zeus | The Thinker would use this device repeatedly over the years. Talia al Ghul | Batman: Under the Red Hood: Jason Todd | Joker | Black Mask | Ra's al Ghul | Riddler Injustice Society (Icicle, Brainwave, Sportsmaster, Tigress, Solomon Grundy, Gambler, Dragon King, Fiddler, & Wizard) | Shade | Cindy Burman, Comics The Thinker was a member of the Injustice Society, and, together with the Fiddler and the Shade, he was the man behind the decades-long "abduction" of Keystone City and the original Flash, after which he was defeated by the Flashes of two eras. His "suspended animation-time" in Keystone kept the Thinker young over the years, and he continued his criminal career in modern times. & Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Riddler | Clayface | Joker | Mr. Deceased This version of the Thinker has been brought in as the Checkmate White King/Mr. Cobalt Blue | Morrow | Ernie Chubb | On Norvock's prodding, DeVoe infiltrated the police station in a police uniform, stole the evidence and killed the two lieutenants. Crazy Quilt | Possessing telepathic abilities enabling him to amplify the fears of others, Connor began a partnership with hypnotist Marlon Dall. DeVoe & Carmichael:Technologically derived telekinesisMind controlConnor:TelepathyFear projectionArtificial Intelligence:Binary intelligence capable of integrating into and controlling computerized and electronics systems In an attempt to gain more and more power. Friends/Allies: James Gordon, Jr. | Technologically dominating the minds of Multiplex and Typhoon, he battled Firestorm, ultimately forcing the dissolution of the Raymond persona. Zoom, Television Monsieur Mallah | [21], In JLA: The Nail, the Atom attempts to investigate the Thinker's base to determine if he is responsible for recent propaganda attacks on the superhuman community. The Thinker is the alias of four villains from DC Comics. The Dark Knight: Joker | Joker's Thugs (Thomas Schiff, Chuckles, Kilson, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy & Bus Driver) | Two-Face | Sal Maroni | The Chechen | Gambol | Lau | Bank Manager | Michael Wuertz | Burmese Bandit Clifford DeVoe, also known as The Thinker, is a former history professor at Central City University and the husband of Marlize DeVoe. Freeze | Egghead | Queenie Goldstein | The Sandman | Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft | False Face | The Siren | Undine | Chandell | King Tut | Cornelia | Marsha, Queen of Diamonds | Baby Jane Towser, 1970s Filmation series Freeze | Bane | Snowy Cones Thugs | Golums | Jason Woodrue Black Flash | Scooby-Doo! He resurfaced in Keystone City to battle Wally West, the then-current Flash in an attempt to control every brain in Keystone to increase his power. Unknown. Clive Yorkin | Rogues | Doctor Double X | Origin Joker | Freeze | Bane | Lex Luthor | Killer Croc | Man-Bat | Riddler | Kite Man | Doctor Psycho | Clayface | King Shark | Sy Borgman | Doctor Trap | Frank the Plant | Two-Face | Catwoman | Nick Quinzel | Sharon Quinzel. [6], In "DC Rebirth," Thinker is depicted as a former district attorney of Keystone City back in the 1940s and fought Jay Garrick. Warp | Mordru | During the Infinite Crisis storyline, the AI Thinker was among the villains in Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains. He tries to ambush Stargirl during her battle with Shiv, she apparently defeated him but he retreated to cyberspace to escape imprisonment or deletion. 1. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Brother EYE | Brain | On Norvock's prodding, DeVoe infiltrated the police station in a police uniform, stole the evidence and killed the two lieutenants. The Devastator | My flip on it was that rather than being the science geek who was being picked upon by the jock, my hero would actually be the jock who was picked on by the geek, and that was going to be Cliff Carmichael's role. Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem: Joker | Scarecrow | Clayface | Silver Banshee | Solomon Grundy Anarky | Ra's al Ghul | Deathstroke | Two-Face | Killer Croc | Simon Stagg | Professor Pyg | Mr. Toad | Man-Bat | Cypher | Magpie | Lady Shiva | Tobias Whale | Phosphorus Rex | Lunkhead | Humpty Dumpty | Silver Monkey | Key, Batman: The Brave and The Bold Man-Bat | Mad Hatter | Killer Croc | Opposite to Death-Force Absorption. [1], In October 1947, the Thinker was one of the six original members of the Injustice Society, who began battling the Justice Society of America in All Star Comics #37 (Oct 1947). Weeper T.O. Terrific's Bishop. Implanting microchip versions of the helmet into his own brain, Cliff became a "cyberpunk maniac" with meta-human powers.


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