Service involves a lot of economic transaction which is as follows. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Classification of Products – On the Basis of Durability, Tangibility and Use . Iv) Classification Based On Service Operartion Insurance means covering an uncertain risk. A)                                      ORIENTATION, A)                          B)                           Various authors have tried to classify services on the basis of different features /aspects such as the market segments, tangibility factor ,skill type , etc. market segments, tangibility factor ,skill type occupies an important place in our country and is the most dependable mode of transport to carry goods and passengers over a long distance and its total route length is 65000km. Because of tuff competition companies like ICICI Prudential, Tata, AIGC, HDFC Bajaj Alliance are coming with various insurance plans suitable for different age risk covering, general insurance include fire theft loss, etc. Some examples are NGO’s in different fields like education, veterinary doctors offering services free of charge for stray animals, animal shelters, etc. It is a relatively more expensive mode of transport. OCEAN TRANSPORT Ocean transport refers to the movement of goods and passengers by ships through sea or ocean waterways. A more general classification of services based on the type of function that is provided through them can be as follows: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Domestic appliances, radio, T.V. Contact Us | To understand more, read this article on difference between goods and services. There are services from individuals as well as organisations that are inclined towards social cause and not economic gains. authors have tried to classify services on the Education. VII)            CLASSIFICATION BASED ON EXTERNAL It is a slow-moving mode of transport and therefore not suitable for the transport of perishable goods. The features of service by a provider cannot be uniform or standardised. Besides long-distance, local transport of passengers is also provided by local trains or metro-trains in some metropolitan cities. Classification of Services. Air transport may be classified as domestic and international air transport. (vii) Service quality is not statistically measurable. However, it is more indicated to have a face-to-face relationship in order to fully understand the needs of the customer. a) Services for people – Like Health care, restaurants and saloons, where the service is delivered by people to people. Transportation & public utilities, Hotels and other lodging places, Rail-road transportation, Personal services, Local and inter-urban passenger transit, Business services, Trucking and warehousing, Auto repair, services and garages, Water transportation, Miscellaneous repair services, Air transportation, Motion pictures, Pipelines except natural gas, Amusement and recreation services, Health service, Communication, Legal services, Telephone and telegraph, Educational services, Radio and television broadcasting, Social services and membership organizations, Electricity, Gas, Sanitary services, Miscellaneous professional services, Wholesale trade, Private household services, Retail trade, Finance, insurance, and real estate, Banking, Military, Credit agencies other than banks, Government enterprises Security & commodity brokers, Local government, Real estate, Education, Holding and other investment companies and Other services. Based on Non Profit –Church, Temples. Classification of Services Management of Business, Different Types of Retail Outlets in Concept of Retailing, Hotel Industries a Fast growing Sector Today, Customer Relationship Management in Business Services, Importance of Planning in Principles of Management, Introduction to Management in Principles of Management, Concept & Benefits of Human Resource Accounting, Role of Plant Maintenance in production Management, Concept of Managerial Communication & its Importance, History of Communication Traditional to Modern. customer and employee. 1. These are carried by rail, road, water or air & made available to the public at their locality. 1. Services usually refer to processes and not physical products. Equipment/ machine based service is provided by automated machines like robots doing car wash, vending machines, etc. It refers to the movement of goods and passengers on waterways by using various means like boats, steamers, launches, ships, etc. What is the difference between Business buying and Consumer buying (individual Buying)? demansupply. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Difference between Product and Services Marketing, NARENDRA MODI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, NEGOTIATION & CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AKTU MBA NOTES, RMB401 Corporate Governance Values and Ethics AKTU, SECURITY ANALYSIS AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, RMBMK04 Marketing of Services – READ BBA & MBA NOTES, KMBMK04 Marketing of Services – Home | Management, CCSU(BBA) 401 Consumer Behavior – Home | Management. The depth and navigability of rivers and canals vary and thus affect operations of transport vessels of different sizes. These are provided to the customer for avoiding malfunctioning or problem in production so to take care of these products like A.C, computer labs. Flexible mode of transport as loading and unloading is possible at any destination. To produce a service may or may not require the use of tangible goods. The classification of products and services is a process that groups together certain products/services that carry similar characteristics in terms of price level, similarity between competing brands, and the … Hotels: These include business hotels, suite hotels, resort hotels, airport hotels, extended stay hotels, apartment hotels, resort hotels, timeshare hotels, casino hotels, convention centers, and conference centers. Major Service link with minor tangibles, IV)              CLASSIFICATION BASED ON SERVICE V)                          Is not suitable for short-distance travel. Marketing Strategy of Services – A marketer should have an effective marketing strategy at his/ her disposal for business success whether it’s a product or... What is Services Marketing and differentiate between Service and Product, and Categories of services. It is not economical for long distance transportation of goods due to their limited carrying capacity. Air transport is carried out in fixed air routes, which connect almost all the countries. Services usually refer to processes and not physical products.


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