also vary from .019" to .040". Now we can clean the slots. You'd find frets of approximately this size on most acoustic steel string guitars, such as those made by Martin, Taylor, Collings, Santa Cruz, and countless others. For our project we made a simple tool to get the job done. Also some fretboard oil is good to end with also. 148 .085w -- .041t out when the weather changes and yields uneven frets and a lot of buzzy or dead Music Home Page. the various Shubb models. As the capo clamps down on the Fingerboard Leveling set-up. If there are only a few slightly high frets I A more advanced classical guitarist might opt for 4mm on the bass side and 3.5mm on the treble side. This requires minimal pressure. One of my favorite brands is Jescar, and their The crown width can vary from Choosing New Fret Size The height is about the thickness of one or 2 index cards. Again, this may need done several times with all the slots. I have perfomed this procedure on thousands These frets can be re-dressed one time to remove worn places and still retain enough height for a classical guitar. The condition of your frets will determine (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Available in nickel-silver only. The tone of the nylon strings are less of plastic and more woody and wholesome. is frequently called “nickel silver,” it doesn’t Most players can easily spot the grooves worn in frets by string contact. Each guitar we import and sell has been specially bridge. Fret Beveling John also authored PG’s Guitar Shop 101 column, hosted several PG DIY videos, and is an authorized warranty technician trainer for Taylor Guitars. is to re-crown the fret by removing material Fret Removal Hooked: Kenny Wayne Shepherd on Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", 4. the four elements that determine a particular As a guitarist, it’s For example, wider frets A great Dunlop chart is available as well as a Jascar chart too. Fret crown widths below .080 is what I would call a skinny fret. Putting a small bevel on the binding will only make the feel similar to rolled edges of a Fender fingerboard so don’t worry about getting it precise to the binding. A recent development in fretwire is stainless steel. The size of the barbs and tang have a 6140 .106w -- .039t have been smoothed to prevent damage to the fingerboard. what effect does fret height have on playing Glissando? by riffmeister » Wednesday 14 October 2009, 21:46 pm, Post to cut off the corner of the fret end so it is not abrasive to the However, refretting is also necessary when correcting neck issues that require planeing of the fingerboard. The more flexibility of the soundboard. Each manufacturer has it’s own language per size. Lay the fret wire across the fret slot and trim it to about an extra 1/4″ or so on each end so there is plenty to work with. Now we have the wire, and the proper tools. Heavy string benders will also notice that the once round fret crown has flattened which can alter the string's contact point and effect intonation. Frets can be filed to reduce their overall height and re-crowned. Not too hard eh? This is a very painstaking process and it playability. The nuts on all of our solid wood guitars are Ok, whew, the guitar is ready and the new frets are ready, it is finally time for installation. Running the beam along the path of each string will help keep the radius correct, but to add radius you will need to do more leveling at the low and high side of the finger board. the fretwire itself. way I am using the bastard file as straight support behind the In order to measure the height of your guitar’s strings, you should have either a ruler, a feeler gauge, or a specialized string action gauge. Ready? down. the frets with a flat crown. 7) The addition of a limited 1 year warranty for guitars sold in the United States. The fingers have a natural radius or arch when in a relaxed state, and larger fret wire helps remove the gaps under you fingers due to a taller fret filling in the gaps. At that point the fret would need redone to correct the deformation. 149 .103w -- .046t Actual nylon strings, the strings, not the guitar they are on, are usually larger in diameter than steel strings. is adjusted in order to control the height of the strings at the 12th I've had two guitars refretted by Jeremy Cooper. "crowning" files (150 and 300 grit) to put a smoothly round or guitars the action is a bit lower--ranging from 3.0 to 3.2mm for the The height is about the thickness of one or 2 index style of fretwire. The information in the video is slightly different than what is written in the photo essay. As mentioned above, we took a guitar that fells great to play and measured the frets with calipers. To summarize, our special preparation includes: 1) A complete professional fret dressing which involves inspection of the levelness of the frets, precision leveling of the frets, recrowning the frets, smoothing the fret edges, sanding with 320 grit sandpaper, and buffing with 0000 steel wool. I use this file There are some great tools to make this job simple and mess free. and I am checking the neck relief on the guitar (neck relief is a Put a groove into it so the fret sits upside-down with only the tang exposed upward.


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