wait a fuc- i’m not kidding, glimmer: you could have taken adora’s last name it’s absolutely free, catra: we named ourselves when we were 5 and adora’s full name was adora happysmile rainbowfist. You got shit you want me to post? So she might go full villain. And by slapping down Shadow Weaver and trusting Catra with power and having her back on things she did with her own initiative and promoting her to his second in command; Hordak has cemented himself as “the Good Boss” who she’s motivated to do well for, to try for, to put in the effort for even when it hurts or it’s uncomfortable or she’s conflicted about it. I’m genuinely not sure which way they’ll take her. i’m not kidding. Catra being the driving force behind Adora finally transforming into She-Ra again? Catra is every red-headed stepchild. Favourites. Let’s break this down under the cut for spoilers. She would rather be the bitter arch-rival than the beloved sidekick, because the latter is inherently inferior and the former is by definition an equal to the protagonist. And she knows it, and she hates it, and she doesn’t see a way out of it. This is all Catra’s perception of Adora, and some of it’s even flat-out wrong - I’m sure she’d do her very best to get Catra accepted and lauded by the Princess Alliance if she jumped ship. With nothing but her own innate skills. fyeahsailormoon, Źródło: Best Friend Squad is golden, i love them with my whole entire gotdum heart. ok there’s a lot to unpack here, but first off WHAT THE FUCK mersephesie, Źródło: I bet all my left socks that we’re at least gonna get a hug and a hand-hold, if not a kiss. I think that’s adorable. 2,258 notes That fierce sense of knowing she’s been unjustly put down. You said she was a cinnamon roll! divorce her. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It would be the easier route. Log In. Commanding officer is taken out of the picture, affording the character greater authority and freer rein when going after the protagonist, while simultaneously depriving them of their moral buffer. Because ambition isn’t a bad thing. people don’t talk enough about how truly scary and raw this whole scene is. Sign Up. account may be dead but my love for them is not. Like, if Catra just made up her mind one day and came to Bright Moon all earnest and apologetic and humble, I would… I mean, I’d grudgingly accept it, but I’d be really disappointed. I can only see a very limited and increasingly fewer number of ways Catra can come out of this and turn things around and redeem herself without lopping off the top of her Maslow’s Hierarchy, destroying her sense of self-respect and relegating herself to being “the sidekick” in She-Ra’s vast, inescapable shadow the way she’s always feared. wait. Multiple times. Your reuqested data doesn't seem to exist. Catra is the darkest version of Entrapta’s kitchen staff believing that they can’t do anything because they’re not princesses. She-Ra is at the absolute top of that hierarchical heap, being the one that even the other princesses answer to. That was delicious. But Catra isn’t wrestling with Adora herself, exactly, she’s fighting all the awful toxic stuff Shadow Weaver snarled the two of them up in. But like Adora herself, I still love Catra and hold out hope for a redemption arc, and I think it’s worth talking about why. if not then I change that law im the queen. That wolf embodies the thoughts of most in customer service. wait. She wants to be in charge. But she’s the villain!”. 3. wait a fuc-at the next intergalactic peace summit: glimmer: i’m proud to introduce to you She-Ra, Princess of Power-adora, posing with her wedding ring: actually it’s She-Ra Meowmeow, Princess of Power :) What wants does she have, outside of being She-Ra and working for others? Yeah, Zuko’s hardly the only recent example of the type in YA animation, but he’s a particularly obvious one owing to the fact that his arc adheres to the described formula strictly, laboriously, and with little imagination – much like Zuko himself. ok there’s a lot to unpack here, but first off WHAT THE FUCK, alright something just occurred to me and I might elaborate on this later, though someone’s probably already analyzed this, we know there’s a new she-ra design, and it incorporates Adora’s hair poof as well as the rest of her hair looking closer to how her hair looks when down. triumphantly What Catra thinks is “I have to jump twice as high to get half the recognition” (which is already an injustice to begin with), is actually “You will never get recognition because you are not the favorite.”. Catra is every younger sibling who has to get out from the shadow of their superstar older sister/brother. i love how all the other princesses have literal magic powers and still aren’t as good at fighting as catra, who literally just has claws, anger, and nothing to lose. legally?? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. As I say, this puts her in a no-win situation. all posts relating to the new season will be tagged with #spop spoilers as well as #spop s5 so you can block one or both tags to avoid spoilers, noelle being cryptic as usual, get on this theorists. She-ra is one of the those shows that really successfully made me cheer for the heroes but at the same time feel deeply and passionately about the villains as well, like yes girl, fight, win! adora, posing with her wedding ring: actually it’s She-Ra Meowmeow, Princess of Power :) glimmer: die. Other. 2,258 notes adora: my wife, catrina applesauce meowmeow-happysmile rainbowfist. Television. can yall stop writing paragraphs on here. About Catra Catra. adora, posing with her wedding ring: actually it’s She-Ra Meowmeow, Princess of Power :) glimmer: die. The entire prom episode? The problem is that the only group Catra has for that recognition and authority… is the Horde. if not then I change that law im the queen. And one of the worst things that Shadow Weaver did, I think, is set two best friends against each other like this, to the point where Catra’s damage has put a gulf between them that she can’t cross without hurting her own selfhood too badly to recover from, and which Adora can’t bridge because she doesn’t even fully understand it. AAYYY now you too can get @birthdaytoast​ to draw whatever dumb thought you have!


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