Here's what you would find in most chord books: That's really, really difficult for beginners to do. The individual letters in the word CAGED refer to the barre shapes, so C, A, G, E, D. This is actually the natural order of the chord shapes going up the fretboard. So as you see, you took the basic chord shapes of E major and E minor, and apply them at a different point of the fretboard. It’s also featured in the catchy rhythm of "One Love" by Bob Marley & The Wallers and the new wave synth pop of "My Best Friend’s Girl" by the Cars. Not all six. The basic G major chord you’ve already learned can also be made into a barre chord and taken all over the fretboard. A good rule of thumb is to try and go for the chord shape that’s nearest to where you already are on the fret board. We share ninja tips (for instant fun!) ✓  Learn 12 beginner-friendly versions of every chord. With the E shaped C bar chord, we can leave out the low E string. Pledge your support and get bonus lessons! To use the C form as a moveable barre chord, your 1st finger acts like a capo and lays across (barres) the guitar neck while your remaining fingers form the rest of the chord shape. Chord C (3rd fret) notes: (G), C, G, C, E and G.. (It's free.) The low E string is not used on the C major. barre chord video tutorialI recommend you watch this video guitar lesson on bar chords and how to hold barre chords, it’ll show you up close and teach you the real power of the barre chord. View our C guitar chord charts and voicings in Standard tuning with our free guitar chords and chord charts.If you are looking for the C chord in other tunings, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. Because we have to press down more than one string with the same finger, this means barre chords are tougher. Yep, you guessed it, the D shape bar chord originated from the D major chord you already know. Learning more than one C chord enhances your fret board knowledge. This is a very tricky bar chord, so don’t forget, practice makes the master! If you'd like to learn how to play even more chords, browse Fender Play's chord library, learn about chord types, and find tips on how to master them. The other version has a different form that starts on the 8th fret. View all recent releases or join to access them all. Your root note is E. Now if you place your index finger firmly against every string at fret 3 for example, and line up your other fingers to an E major shape, all you did was move the E major up 3 frets. Video Lesson: Learn How to Practice Musically—Not Mechanically, ‘Sloop John B’ Has Seen a Sea Change Throughout the Years, Weekly Workout: Modes Demystified – A Guide to the Seven Modes of the Major Scale, Trigger Fingers: A Look at Willie Nelson’s Jazz-Inspired Style, Woodshed: Learn ‘Spanish Rag,’ a Spirited Instrumental, Learn to Play the Classic Railroad Song ‘Rock Island Line’, For the Sake of the Song: Accompaniment Tips and Techniques, Guitar Wall Mounts, Floor Stands, & More—How to Keep Your Instrument Safe at Home, Acoustic Guitar Review: Gretsch G9520E Gin Rickey Is a Secret Tone Weapon, 5 Ways to Play C Augmented | Chord by Chord, How to Play E Diminished Voicings | Chord by Chord. A somewhat more challenging way to play C major is by using a barre chord in the 8th position. To learn more about the musical alphabet, have a look at this article: Guitar Notes Explained: A Guide For Beginners. Try moving it up by 3 frets, and placing a barre across the strings at fret 3. As I mentioned, the power of bar chords is that you can take your basic open chords, and play them anywhere on the fretboard. This is a variation of the C major barre chord. While the E shape and the A shape are the most common ways to do the C bar chord, there are others. It should come as no surprise that since the C chord is one of the five major chord shapes that it would show up in a lot of songs. Over 100,000 guitar-learners get our world-class guitar tips & tutorials sent straight to their inbox: Click here to join them. So what is a barre chord, anyway? This C major triad features the fifth of the chord (G) in the bass. You’ll see that once you learn how to hold each shape, you can take almost any chord you learned as a beginner, and play it anywhere on the neck. Here’s how to play a barred C chord in the 3rd position: Strum four strings down from the A string. Watch this video to get some tips on how to hold a bar chord, and also make sure you start learning guitar songs with barre chords. Join us on Facebook for daily guitar tips. Required fields are marked *. Desi Serna has built a substantial online platform as an engaging and approachable guitar guru-a guitar player and teacher with more than 10,000 hours of experience providing private guitar lessons and classes. Start making music. A useful tip is to remember that the first three ‘dotted’ frets on the guitar are G, A and B on the E string and C, D and E on the A string. Think of your hand as clamping the neck like a clothes peg rather than gripping it like a fist. Don't fuss too much about it, just get a hang of the E and A shapes first, and leave the C shape for later, when your hands are a bit stronger. Save up to $100 + Extras Add TrueFire and BassClick to View All Offers. Video lessons week by week, Chord by Chord. Are you starting to see the power of the caged system? Sounds pretty different, right? Make sure that you leave out the two lower strings (the low E  and A strings) when you strum. As you know, you strum every string when you play this chord, which will mean that you’ll have 3 open strings ringing. In Example 4a, the shapes are derived from a C major barre chord in third position. Strum five strings down from the A string. By the way, in both of the chords in Ex. Learn how everything fits together quickly, easily and effectively. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The two most common ways to play a C bar chord are: Learn the 12 EASIEST beginner chords with our famous FREE guide Notice that your second, third and fourth fretting fingers are holding down the shape of the E major shape bar chord, which make changing from the E major shape to this A minor shape all the easier, since you just move your fingers down each by 1 string. 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