You said that "I'm happy" but I know you and I know that you aren’t. Ask: How does my love have Montana’s cell? I do really believe that. Tell me don’t you feel used? “I feel like you have a moral responsibility when you write a song or when you’re on a stage to really tell the truth.”. In 2016, when Ben Hozie and Nikki Belfiglio’s band Bodega Bay broke up, they determined things had to change if they were going to keep making music. NYC's Bodega is so punk rock they don't even have any music available. Blue screen. This band is very vocal — everyone is an alpha dog, every member has their own very particular opinions and wants to be heard. Exchange your data. NO VANGUARD REVIVAL COPYRIGHT © 2004 - 2020 OH MY ROCKNESS INC. New York City's Hardest-Working Bands of 2019. You literally can’t escape.”, As they mentioned in the list of rules that were conceived at the start of Bodega, every lyric needs a specific context. “No less than Charlie Chaplin, its only pop rival for the affection of Jazz Age aesthetes, Krazy Kat synthesized a particular mixture of sweetness and slapstick, playful fantasy and emotional brutality.”, “Girl group records were based in the relationship of a young girl and an older man (white, until Berry Gordy) who put her on a pedestal and held her in thrall; out of that relationship came some of the most urgent and intense rock and roll ever made.”, “For nearly two weeks the Singer-Swapps — a family of fundamentalist Mormons — barricaded themselves in their cabin and, armed with an arsenal of handguns, ri­fles, and sawed-off shotguns, held off an army of county deputies and federal agents. Once this band releases a jam I'll include it in this post, but until then here's the bodega scene from Half Baked. “I fell in love staring at screen/Triple dots I see bouncing/Name lights up/My heart will beat,” the two sing simultaneously on “Bodega Birth,” describing the thrill of seeing each others’ Gchats come through, later adding, “I touch myself while staring at your chat text box,” on “Margot.”, “We’re always communicating through the internet somehow,” says Belfigio, who spent her days behind a desk as a receptionist at a massage parlor, and later at a post-audio production studio in Union Square; Hozie, meanwhile, worked in the edit lab of the New York Film Academy. As they mentioned in the list of rules that were conceived at the start of Bodega, every lyric needs a specific context. This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on July 6, 2018, More:bodegaBrooklynBushwickIndie-rockPalisadesParquet Courts, Mario Cuomo: The Governor Looks the Other Way, Stop the G.O.P.! I visited my mother in a Tampa Bay complex. Buttons pressed in the back of bodega. Produced by Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown, Endless Scroll interrogates the role of technology in their relationship, social lives, and their day jobs. Feminine mystique. That image-heavy universe which BODEGA operate in is essential to their make-up. Hands down. Mecca Bodega has touched audiences nationally and internationally, including performances at Woodstock '94, Celebrate Brooklyn Summer Festival, Merkin Concert Hall, and Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall. I’m sensing for the scent of its secret. Classical is modern. Explosive world class percussion from New York City featuring a cultural collage of global drumming and melodic sensibilities. Tell me don’t you relate to the state of that silver sepulchre? Not Now. REALISM Just the way I like it. You know no god and no master. ‘You’re talking through me to your audience.’. I guess I am very pessimistic about a lot of modern trappings – I hate a lot of web 2.0, and social media and things like that. Rock & Sell. Nikki: Definitely – I mean, anything with consent, you know? As we migrate upstairs to the Lexington’s cramped backstage room, their every word is as delivered as purposefully as the razor-sharp post-punk of BODEGA’s incoming debut album, ‘Endless Scroll’. Is there a way to channel that that’s not so male-centric and predatory do you think? A false concept. She had a knife on the platter. And there’s no vanguard revival. Bandcamp New & Notable Nov 17, 2020, Ascendant Philadelphia punks Soul Glo infuse hardcore aggression with noise pop, post-hardcore, and hip-hop on this ambitious EP.


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