Blue Turtle is a group of international consultants that specialises in writing, reviewing and negotiating architect fees and architectural contracts. What if a client determines they wish to invest heavily in the design aspects of a project to find ways to save money during the construction? JCA is a design practice specialising in bespoke high-performance, ultra-low energy, comfortable and healthy residential new builds, alterations, renovations, and extensions in Melbourne and regional areas. So, what’s wrong with that? See who else made the cut! Fee proposals may be fundamental to practice, but there is still an appetite for practitioners to learn how to go about it. 2020 How much does it cost to hire an architect? The first project is in inner-city Melbourne with neighbours in close proximity. No I am just a fan. Photo: Sharyn Cairns. ... Get all the latest project and product updates by subscribing to our bi-weekly newsletter. The cost of an architect’s services depends on a number of factors, some of which relate to the architect’s experience, reputation or method of operation. 2010 applies to the supply of professional services including those by architects. Our Melbourne studio of JCA is located at: 1/9 Byron Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. Penny Craswell helps weigh up whether you should expand your practice or not here. This is what the cartel and collusion provisions in the Act seek to prevent. Photo: Sharyn Cairns. This is also a common method of setting fees. Photo: Dave Wheeler. Resources should be allocated based on a net day rate. Are you an And the third is located in the outer suburbs on a large allotment. It’s up to the client to choose the right architect in line with their aspirations and budget for the project. Nevertheless, should this method be used, the architect will charge for the work on an agreed hourly (or daily or weekly) rate. The architect charges a percentage of the cost of the building (usually the cost on completion). The danger here is that doing so can have the effect that a majority of architects otherwise in free competition collude on the 'price' of architectural services. When it comes to selling design services, the solution may be closer than you think: selling design services isn’t about searching for that one magical fee number that maximises profits while also maximising sales – that doesn’t exist. How did this ‘eager client’ suddenly disappear? This is the contract documentation stage. Apparently, they weren’t in that much of a hurry after all… or, at least, not in a hurry to appoint you. Before long it’s decision time and, with a mixture of optimism, relief, trepidation and resignation you settle on a fee number, complete your proposal, attach it to an email and hit ‘Send’. Powered by WordPress, Scope Theme by ThemeZilla         Website Promotion & SEO Company, bespoke high-performance residential architecture and interiors. And just as the ACCC acted on the Institute fee scale, it should now act on the setting, by some architects, of fees that are unsustainably low and could be considered predatory pricing. 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