30 AMAZING African Adventures For Your Africa Bucket List, #TBIN – Travel Blogger Influencer Network, Back Away From The Gram: An Open Letter to PR In The Travel Industry, say no to disposable plastic water bottles, 100+ BEST Travel Quotes To Fuel Your Wanderlust, The ULTIMATE Road Trip Packing List (inc PDF Checklist), 30 of the Best Hong Kong Photography Spots (inc. Map). Now to the usual contentious point: the lid. When creating our scoring system, we took several main factors into account: These good-looking stainless steel bottles are made out of non-toxic BPA-free plastics (for the lid) and food-grade stainless steel, so they’re good for keeping your drinks chemical-free. Still, the environmental impact of plastic— even the BPA-free, recyclable type — is worrying. Available in three designs Customers love this bottle for its specially designed finger grips, making it a great choice for anyone who enjoys high paced activities and is ultimately one of the best infuser water bottles on the market today. Traditional lemonades, dandelion and burdock and cream sodas were all tasty treats that every member of the family looked forward to. Check Prices. That’s pretty incredible, but is it true? Hydro Flask bottles have a wide mouth, which some people love (you can fit ice cubes into it) and others not so much (if you’re not careful, you’ll get water all over your face). Read my full Disclosure here. Which one you go for depends on your personal taste. Shatter-resistant. ), And I don’t think we need to tell you how important it is to stay hydrated whilst traveling but having a water bottle to hand throughout your travels is particularly vital if you are unsure how often you will have access to clean water, or are out in the hot sun all day (or both!). Sports Water Bottle. There is, undoubtedly, more of a sense of occasion to it than tap water, yet with none of the nasty additives you find in most soft drinks. Thirsty yet? Main features: By making up a batch of homemade fizzy drinks, you will have a thirst-quenching bottle of something tasty to hand whenever the mood takes you. It works really well! 1 litre collapsible bottles Because you don’t want to be the person wearing half of their drink on a long bus journey when the car/bus hit a bump in the road. Travelers love this water reservoir for its ease of use, portability and that it fits in most adventure-ready / camelbak chute backpacks. Free cleaning brush. If that weren’t enough, just remember that every time you buy a Simple Modern Summit bottle, some of your money will be going to charities around the world. So you can be floating around in your pool, sipping on an ice-cold drink. It’s the chameleon of stainless steel bottles and is perfect for whatever adventure you are planning. Now take a look at some of our favorite accessories: Copyright ©2020 Rave Reviews, All Rights Reserved. Main features: This means your drink never comes into contact with plastic, so you can be 100% sure that what you’re drinking is toxin-free. Hanging notches. Main features: It’s hot outside and we need a refreshing drink, so we buy a $1 bottle of water from the store. Removable tea infuser Last but not least, we absolutely love the colors and patterns you can choose from! And unlike those battered-up disposable plastic bottles (come on, we all have one of those! Bet there’s one hiding under your car seat right now), stainless steel water bottles look oh-so-good. After this time, move to the fridge to stop the fermentation process. You may also be surprised to discover that this portable glass water bottle can also be used to store infused and hot drinks, soups, tap water and even other travel essentials, including shampoo & conditioner. That’s a whopping 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean and counting. Full-length fruit infuser rod With so many reasons to get a classic stainless steel water bottle from Tree Tribe, it’s hard to know where to start. Satisfy your thirst for sparkling water with these sleek at-home contraptions. 12 BEST Travel Water Bottles in 2020 (+ how to pick one! Made from eco-friendly borosilicate glass, it has a better temperature tolerance than standard glass bottle options and the ability to preserve fruit flavored water. This travel hydration bladder from RANICO is the ideal water reservoir for long hiking trips. The cap is made of stainless steel, although the bottle also comes with a bonus (BPA-free plastic) straw-type cap you can use while on the move. 500 or 740ml Steel also has great insulating properties, so bottles made of this material are great at keeping your drinks the temperature you want them. 20 Hours Hot If we carry on like this, research suggests that the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish by 2050. BPA free Glacier Point’s bottle is covered in a durable powdered coat, which stops it from slipping out of your hands while also protecting the bottle from bumps and dents. Vacuum insulation, suitable for hot or cold drinks The Coldest Water Bottle – that’s a pretty bold claim! PLUS a FREE Travel Packing Checklist or FREE Roadtrip Packing List to help get you on the road! This bottle comes with a straw-type lid that makes it easy to drink even when on the move. There are several different types of bottles which can be insulated or noninsulated, dependant on your needs: Weight and capacity are two of the top things to consider when choosing the best travel water bottle. But should we stop and think about that plastic bottle or disposable coffee cup we’ve just tossed in the trash? Check Sizes & Prices. A5 size But remember, beauty is more than skin deep, and good design is about more than mere looks (but we do like the pretty colors). Don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments below. Stainless steel is also 100% recyclable, and much of what we use now is actually made of about 70% recycled material. It has a double wall which helps keeps cold drinks cold, hot drink hot – and even stores carbonated drinks at their fizzy best (and any other drink you could think of!). Thermo Tank’s claim to fame is its incredible insulation: They promise to keep your drinks icy for 36 hours, and to keep your hot ones hot for 12. We all get a craving for a delicious, chilled fizzy drink now and again. First of all, stainless steel products are made to last for years and even decades, so you won’t be constantly buying them and tossing them out. Scores were on the basis of taste, carbonation and how well the drink held up over time. What’s even better is that this glass infuser is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, making it the ideal portable hot drinks infuser too. Making your own carbonated drinks could be the answer, as you are in control of both the ingredients and the sugar content. Size: 1 litre Referred to as the perfect hydration companion from POP Design this water bottle is BPA-free, eco-friendly, made from insulated stainless steel to help keep your cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm. BPA free Main features: When you are ready to drink the ginger ale, open the bottle over the sink in case of excess fizziness! MIRA makes a whole variety of different stainless steel water bottles and containers, but we thought their Cascade model was especially sleek. 100% leak proof Children especially love a ‘fizzy pop’ drink and it can be quite a challenge to steer them away from regular, processed fizzy drinks. Straw lid, largemouth, flip top, sports, standard mouth – there are a variety of different ways to drink, just pick whichever is best for you. Carbonated water is a refreshing beverage and good alternative to sugary soft drinks. It comes in a range of bright (and muted) colours – there’s one to match every outfit! One major problem people have with water bottle caps generally is that they sometimes get in the way while you’re drinking. Lifetime warranty And the infuser cap/ flex cap on the top is such a bonus when you are looking to spice up your H2O a bit! But many reviewers complained about leaking, and even about funny “gurgling” noises when drinking. As the liquid freezes and expands, it puts pressure on the walls of the bottle, causing it to deform or even crack. Leak and condensation proof BPA free And if you liked this guide to the top travel water bottles, take a look at the other gift guides, packing tips & travel gear posts in this series: Hi There! Well, let’s look at their design first. ¼ tsp baker’s yeast Although plastic bottles can also be recycled, manufacturing and recycling plastic is usually more harmful to the environment than manufacturing and recycling stainless steel, since the latter doesn’t generate toxic run-off. Two-year warranty Just take a Travelers love this ultralight water bottle for its easy-grip, portable perfect for air travel and space-saving design. And (in case you need another reason to make the switch) it doesn’t retain flavors, meaning your drinks are always going to taste how they’re meant to taste. Itineries, tips, stories and giveaways - exclusive to MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld subscribers!


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