If you want to go for a 50/50 ofensive/defensive probably a good shield that allow to use the weapon art is a better choice (black knight shield and silver eagle) or maybe the stone parma. Plus they give you some more options in PVP... if used correctly. Greatshields are viable, but they require lots of vitality and strength to make proper use out of. Wolf Knight Greatshield - Highest Stability (71) weapon Art Shield. Can't beat it. Though terribly heavy, it can serve as a shield. Edit: Yhorms gets a poise buff if you're using hyperarmour a lot. Some data on infused shields PSA: Shield infusions by /u/FallenNagger, Edits: Many, mostly wording and some corrections from you helpful people :). Armour doesn't upgrade. Here is a post on all the shields: +10 shields looking for some information, It has a Spreadsheet listing all the stats (stability, parry/WA/bash, weight, stats required, etc) for every shield at +10. However, the Ethereal Oak Shield introduced in AoA has 100% physical block, though it weights a little more and has less stability. Is there any solid information on exactly how much healing a fully upgraded blessed shield will do compared to a fully upgraded Ethereal Oak Shield? ooooh boy! ____^. No problem! This has been said dozens of times already but this is fantastic work. You are in luck, I have just such a post that covers that exact question, among others: Though, to answer your question directly: Ethereal Oak Shield = 2 hp/s, Regardless of upgrade, Ancient Dragon Greatshield = 2 hp/s, Regardless of upgrade. Honestly, fully upgrading any shield isn't worth wasting a slab. The best resource for weapons would be /u/naiyt's Mugenmonkey - "Dark Souls 3 Weapon AR Calculator". If you use a parrying tool most of times but needs to rely on a shield sometimes, the spike shield (Siegward's shield) is the best, no doubt: decent stability, decent dmg absortion (phis=93%) and the shield bash to push the mobs into holes, and he weights almost nothing (3.5 i think) perfect for a ocasional weapon. Small Leather Shield Special Parry shield with no Dex requirement. If you want to play a defensive guard up playstyle you better go for a greatshield (cathedral knight greatshield and stone greatshield are good early game choices i think). Cookies help us deliver our Services. A medium shield with great stats and soul bonus? So these kinds of shields are really only for tank builds that max vitality and strength. After 300 hours It occurred to me I hadn't upgraded a single shield. Shield of Want, has 100% physical and above-average resistances across the board, second-highest stability among medium shields (62@+5), and very good for fashion souls. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Save the Silver Knights, equip Way of Blue, gets unreasonably triggered by Point Down. First tab is uninfused shields. Huh, didn't realize the wooden shield had decent stability. Grass Crest. Feels bad. If you wanna use weapon arts, Wolf knight greatshield is the best, followed by black knight shield if you want something lighter. Then click the "Armour Optimiser" Button down in the bottom left. It's kinda funny actually, I never upgrade my shields, so when I read this I remembered "Oh yeah, shield upgrading is a thing"! A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. So you can spam both with abandon (not recommended). Great work, saved! I've been toying with the idea of using a greatshield since I've never used one, but I'm not sure about adding that much extra weight, because I don't want to fat roll. •Curse ward for being lighter with good stability (looks nice too), •Wolf knights for style and resistances (also light), •Havels Greatshield for best block resistances, •Black knight is the best medium all round. Meaning that they can't ever get guardbroken. Lothric Knight Shield - highest stability (66) of parrying shields, blocks 100% phys. I use the Black Iron Greatshield on multiple characters and I have to mention that there's absolutely no good reason to upgrade it to +10. For full turtle mode, greatshield of glory has the highest stability and very high resistances iirc. This basically means any shield can block 100% of all damage of all types (fire, lightning, dark, magic, physical). That depends on what you are looking for in a shield. From what I can tell, the lighter greatshields don't provide enough stability or defense for their weight and the ones that do are impossible to use properly unless you have godlike strength and vitality. I'm currently using the Lothric Knight Shield, and would like a bit more stability. Warrior's Round Shield - The lightest Weapon Art Shield (1.5). 19 Shields have 65+ Stability, Pair with Great Magic Shield, 2 Shields have 82+ Stability, Pair with Magic Shield, 5 Shields have Dex requirements - Bonewheel 10, Target 11, Spiked & Pontiff Knight 12, Buckler 13, 100% Physical Block shields highlighted in Green - Shut down those Washing pole Running R1s, 75+% Elemental Block shields highlighted in Green, When buffed with Great Magic Shield, any of these shields will have "Infinite" Stability and 100% Block to all main damage types (Physical, Lightning, Dark, Fire, & Magic).


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