Ultimately, you'll find that many seltzers and sparkling waters have the exact same ingredients. We drank them all to find out. Another popular brand of flavored sparkling water is La Croix. And, … There are 19 different flavors of Polar seltzer water. Rating: 6. Look at a label for Polar Seltzer and LaCroix Sparkling Water. La Croix Sparkling Water. You'll see the same two … But which of LaCroix's closest competitor's flavors is best? ... a lemon, and an original just like everyone else, but Polar also offers some blends that are tasty enough to curb your desire for cola or root beer. LaCroix’s grapefruit seltzer is called pamplemousse, which is the French word for “grapefruit.” For me, LaCroix came up short and became their own interpretation of grapefruit. Polar offers Ruby Red Grapefruit seltzer, like the other Polar … In the past, Polar's lineup has featured ambiguously named flavors like Unicorn Kisses, Mermaid Songs, and Yeti Mischief.


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