Cases. Trombone Parts Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 100 $3,825.00 Add to cart. ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. S..E. Shires Custom Tenor Trombone Model TBALESSI-Joseph Alessi New In-stock. Available in several standard model configurations, with many custom options available, S.E. Electronics $195.95 $ 195. Professional F Contrabass Trombone – PF588 P $3,250.00. As compared to a tenor trombone, the bass trombone will generally have a larger bell size of 9”, 9-1/2” or even 10” compared to the 8” or 8-1/2” of a tenor trombone. Bass trombone players are able to become highly specialized for the specific needs of that instrument even majoring only on the bass trombone in college music programs. See the manufacturer site for details. 99. Bass Trombone Courtois Legend 502 model Gold Brass Bell Favorite model at NTSU. BTS member Ray is retiring after many years playing bass trombone and is selling off his collection. Custom Series Bass Trombones. The 2nd rotor is unable to be used on its own because the tubing design is dependent (hence the term) on the air flowing thru the first rotor. The Bach 50B3 inline independent double rotor bass trombone in the key of Bb/F/Gb features an 9-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell that has defined the symphonic sound for generations. Second hand bass trombone for sale. An additional point of differentiation is the style and type of f-attachment, and the common use today of the ‘double-trigger’ setup. Only 1 left. An excellent choice for the beginner who needs a good playing but affordable bass trombone but does not want a piece of junk. The larger bell size will produce a broader tone, well suited to producing lower notes. Find great local deals on second-hand trombones for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. $2,080.00 $1,585.00. It is also different to all other brass instruments, derived from the early Baroque Sackbut, it uses a slide instead of valves to change notes. As compared to a tenor trombone, the bass trombone will generally have a larger bell size of 9”, 9-1/2” or even 10” compared to the 8” or 8-1/2” of a tenor trombone. Works best with a bass trombone cup. I offer my original professional trombone for sale. The name \"trombone\" is derived from the words \"big trumpet,\" and that description holds true for the soprano trombone. ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. Rare instrument, plays well but some worn lacquer and a few very minor dents. Bb Small bore Trombone - PB4501 P $695.00. Then try the Miraphone MI57F Contrabass Trombone or the Kanstul Model 1690 F/C/Db/A Contra Bass Trombone on for size. We have Bass Trombones from all the leading brands, including Bach, Conn and Yamaha The double rotor bass trombone with second rotor E tuning eliminates the need to pull the F slide to play low B,... A red brass bell gives this instrument the richer, darker sound preferred by many bass trombonists. The Eastman ETB848G bass trombone is another result of the collaboration between Eastman and S.E. QUALITY! JP by Taylor Bb Trumpet $2,199.00. £3,649.42. The dark, weighty tone of the BBTB-62R Bass Trombone provides a strong foundation and stability to any trombone... Sign Up for our Newsletter to Receive 10% off and Special Promotions, Keilwerth Professional Soprano Saxophones, P. Mauriat Professional Soprano Saxophones, Theo Wanne Professional Soprano Saxophones, John Packer Professional Tenor Saxophones, Keilwerth Professional Baritone Saxophones, P. Mauriat Professional Baritone Saxophones, Trumpet/Cornet/Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Pouches. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart. 4.3 out of 5 stars 13. Shires. The Trombone is one of the most popular, and versatile brass instruments available. Used w/case. Shires Q36YR Bass Trombone Independent New Stock. A476XX, Large bore professional bass trombone, Silver plated finish. Under £500. With origins in the renaissance sackbut, trombones came into wider orchestral use in the 19th century following Beethoven's use of the instrument in three of his symphonies. $2,195.00 King 4BF Silversonic Vintage 1970's Deluxe Condition. View Products. Professional models such as the Conn 88H Bb+F Tenor Trombone can cost up to £2,500. Under £1000. View Products. The bass trombone is a specialty instrument used within a section of several trombones in a band, orchestra or brass choir. French Horns. SHIRES TBQ36R Q-Series Professional Bass Trombone, S.E. Shires TBQ36GR Bass Trombone . Today many bass trombone players prefer rotors that have an axial design rotating perpendicular to the tubing which creates less resistance compared to the traditional rotor which rotates in the same direction of the tubing and creates more resistance for some players. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Jupiter 1242 XO Pro Bass Trombone a… KYT Music Bass Trombone Bb/F Key Gold Lacquer Cupro Brass Tunning Slide and Lower Joint with Canvas Case. The bass trombonist can use the first rotor (normally the f-attachment) or the 2nd rotor (normally pitched to G) or both rotors combined (normally pitched to D). The larger bore size of .562” will require the player to utilize more air, and in combination with the larger bell diameter, makes the bass trombone a perfect bridge between the deep tuba sound and brighter tenor trombone voice. Tubas & Euphoniums. Parts & Accessories. Big broad sound. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer 95. Used, Super Studies Trombone Sparke Treble/Bass Cl . A variation of the tenor trombone, the bass trombone is considered the lower member of the trombone family, with a design and application specifically suited for the lower end of the written range for the trombone. S.E. Ray has the following for sale: Yamaha YBL612R dependent double trigger bass trombone. By focusing mainly on the lower range of the instrument, players developed the need for even more flexibility than the traditional single-rotor f-attachment provided. This type of setup would be referred to as an independent rotor system where both rotors can be used independently (first or second or both). No matter which of these bass trombones turns out to be the right one for you, there's no way to go wrong as long as you're getting a model that meets your needs and comes in at the right price point for your budget. If you change the Ship-To country, some or BLESSING B-88-0 F ATTACHMENT TRIGGER TROMBONE + NEW MOUTHPIECE + CASE, $350.00; Vintage Conn 6H Trombone, $450.00; Beautiful 1970 King SilverSonic 3B Jazz Trombone - No Dents - Great slide, $1,699.99; Bach Stradivarius Trombone, Model 12, $700.00; Yamaha ALLEGRO Trombone YSL548G INTERMEDIATE with F Trigger Original Hard Case, $550.00


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