First, to unlock Barry DeJay in the original Backyard Basketball, you have to type in “Barry DeJay” as a Custom Player name, done and done, for Backyard Basketball 2004, (I think) you have to get all 20 Player Certificates in Season Mode, Finally, in Backyard Baseball 2005, you have to type in “Hoops” as a coach name, done and done. LEGAL STUFF Backyard Basketball (C) 2001 Humongous Entertainment, a division of Infogrames, Inc. Humongous' permission not granted for this FAQ. Backyard Baseball 2001 was the second Backyard Baseball game, and the fourth overall game in the Backyard Sports franchise. The first installment of backyard basketball series, where you can play as cartoon versions of real NBA and WNBA players. Humongous got the rights to use the name and likeness of Kevin Garnett from Garnett Enterprises and his photo on the box was … Duh. Humongous Entertainment existed from 1992 until 2006. 1. Sammy Sosa appears at the bat, with Mike Piazza catching. Backyard Football 2002 October 14, 2001 Camera closes into them, and Sammy Sosa takes a big swing of the bat and stops to reveal the BBL logo, Then … It includes the eight NFL players and seven Tackling Dummies players. The List of players in Backyard Football encompasses all 45 playable characters in the game. A player is a constituent in the game - a member of a team(s). It was also the second game overall to have pros. ##### THE BACKYARD BASKETBALL CHARACTER GUIDE ##### Version 1.55.555 02/05/2002 by Mega S.A.M. This list does not include computer-generated players. During that time they made many, many games in the edutainment genre, helping kids … It was made for Windows/Macintosh. See List of computer generated players for details.


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