When the dream features consuming or eating a bull, represent your desire to embrace sexual energy. The interpretation for this dream is that you should be careful with those people who do not present themselves friendly. If we flee the cat cuddles makes us indicates that not achieve their selfish desires. If you are a man, you may find that someone you know in real life will become pregnant. Dreamed chased by a bull, the more ferocious worse, suggests that issues being handled will be complicated by own carelessness and the intervention of hypocrites and envious people who pretend to do evil. If you had a dream about bull, and you are wondering what does it mean, maybe these few explanations could help. If you saw a black bull in your dream, such a dream might signify being overly stubborn and hateful. A male elk came and sniffed the carcass and the feild of elks turned into a feild of bulls. That’s all I remember and I just realized as I was typing this that my sign is Taurus, so maybe that has something to do with it. Dream one more donkeys indicates problems resulting from mistakes, perhaps being deceived or pretend merely illusory, chimerical objectives, all of which in some cases can lead to legal problems if in sleep the donkey is very dark or black | however, when it appears white it suggests that problems resolved favorably because white symbolizes intelligence and equanimity. Two dogs killed before I understood it was gonna protect us. Dreamed cheerful riding a docile donkey suggests that soon there will be fun and short pleasure trips This same dream in a woman suggests that their desire to excel in society will be a reality soon. In this case, this means that you are experiencing a moment of pure and great spiritual elevation. Could you be on your road to abundance and prosperity? good as per those who believe in dream interpretation. Are you ignoring someone or something that you need to pay attention to? Note that if you have come to grasp the bull’s horn by the horn, this means there will be an excellent opportunity on your way, and you should grab it and not let go for anything. I told him that there was no chance and go back and get the tractor because it was the only way to stay safe . If this bull runs happily without bothering anyone, it is because you feel happy and are full of good energies. To dream many bulls provides a success in love affairs. -See A cat or hear their meows portends betrayals and deceptions. I couldn’t listen to it , so I ran back to inform my brother who was coming on foot to try and separate the bulls. It is a sign that, you have given up on yourself and you no longer have the strong willpower that you used to have and thus, you lack motivation. This can also be a dream that occurs in certain circumstances or conflicts that occur in our lives. Usually it announces further problems at work. Somewhat rare in dreams but eating a bull, you are having a desire to accept your sexuality. If so, you will need to take a stand! Dream of seeing your mother. At this stage I managed to get large heavy strong gates closed to try and prevent the mature bull from getting to the younger less built new bull who was half his size. It could mean that you need to take some strong stands in a situation and that is why you are seeing a bull. Dream oxen in the field, some fighting and other grazing peacefully, suggests that the dreamer will be involved in various problems because of nosy people, but also at fault due to negligence in their actions…. When you dream that you are facing a bull, it could mean different things depending on your relationship status. Often, our dreams are inspired suggestions that we can use to remedy daily situations. Dreaming a fat meek (an ox, animal work) bull symbolizes the dreamer soon be head of household, or others depend on their work. Dream a herd of goats grazing quietly insinuates that reach achievements and economic and health benefits. A bull is a symbol of willpower and confidence, just as it was in the past. I had a dream that a bull was in the corner on the ceiling of my room as a black mist and as it saw me it charged towards me. Dreaming of a wounded black bull gives you a loss of dignity. When a bull occurs in your dream, symbolically it represents, handling situations, inner strength, stubbornness, strong will, and of course power. Because now ita just me and the boy whom jumped over the large fence. If your dream involved an ancient bull, statues, sculptures and representations of such, you may need to take time and consider how you have been doing towards your religion and form of worship. Been involved in a bull fight, as either a matador or the bull itself. If it is white, the change will be to no serious or dangerous diseases. Then I woke up. To dream that you’re going over a black bull: when we dream that we’re over a black bull, it’s a symbol of power. Indicates satisfactions and pleasures in the tenderness of love…. Seeing bull getting killed or seeing bull meat is a sign of Even if they were evenly matched the mature bulls rage was so great that he would have won out this battle. If in the dream a misfortune occurs during the marriage ceremony, it indicates that soon there will be no disease or perhaps death within the family. We can be very calm, but letting things happen around us that can hurt us later. kinds of bad activities in life. Is second of death warning dream, first was dear friend leading me to food for our starving families, hands grab her, she screams NO, you have wrong one, she betray me, REAL these dreams, too real, the hands belong to two headed giant who eats her alive, blood everywhere… I run.. knowing it was supposed to be me , In my dream black bull chased me and it heated my son badly and again stated chasing me I m trying to hide my self it was trying… ( now I m divetced and searching guy for another marriage…I m not able to believing people now ) what does it means. -See A majestic and challenging bullock may be a favorable dream witnessing a thriving creative energy. Then I woke up. When you have a dream where you see a raging bull, it is a sign that, your desires and passions are no longer controllable. When we dream of black bulls we find ourselves facing our own person. A bull grazing on a field in your dream is a sign that, your wealth is diminishing and in the coming days, you might not have enough money to take care of yourself. Rather like mini vacations and at times they can include both positive and negative symbols. The bull is often represented in the centre of the ring and is a symbol of Spain. A young woman who dreams being the contracting girlfriend in a marriage, but is indifferent to the ceremony and everything that is happening, suggests that by nature is a depressed person or is at risk of a dangerous disease. If the same dreamer who dreams of eating blackberries, is a harbinger of glad tidings that will fill you with joy you will be received. Dreamed of putting new shoes on a horse most likely it indicates that in everyday life is thinking or planning business not very honest but they redituarán representing significant profits, even knowing that it will also bring problems. Bull Standing Firmly or GazingA standing bull indicates a rich, prosperous, and abundant life, think about a “bull market”.


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