I'd like to get everyone's takes on the auto-setup routines of most AVRs available today, i.e. The systems handle the basics like determining the sizes of all the speakers, setting speaker and subwoofer volume levels and the speaker-subwoofer crossover point, measuring the distances from the speakers to the listener, and checking that all of the speaker cables are correctly hooked up. So in the grand scheme of things this is very minor and most likely would be an adjustment made based on personal preference (e.g. All I am trying to do here is keep the facts straight as they get confusing in a hurry. Set the subwoofer volume control to its midpoint. The following data shows how the LFE channel equalization was not as flat at the primary seat as the system was without Audyssey engaged. Will My AVR Decode Atmos from My TV’s HDMI ARC Port? As to the spl levels you are getting, I assume you mean you are only getting 46-48 db with the volume on your receiver turned up high? I haven't used phone software to do this, so others who have may have a suggestion on what is wrong there. That input bypasses the filters in the subwoofer and allows the bass management system in the receiver to operate properly. I let Audyssey set everthing except calibrating speaker volumes. All I can say is I rework Audyssey calibrations many times a month with great success. Crossover points selected by Audyssey setup. I am not sure what you mean by setting each speaker to 0.0db. Now as far as adjusting the crossover higher than what your processor selected, you are right that you will lose that calibrated portion of the frequency range, but that is all you lose. Bring out the real capability of your equipment with professional assistance using reference instrumentation along with experience on over 2000 applications. So here are my questions. Also note, Audyssey measures the disance/delay settings in the first mic position, while it does the actual EQ using mic positions 2 - 8. Check out REW if you get serious about wanting to equalize your system. If you never use more than a few seating positions, keep the mic close to those and don't move it far from the primary position if you want it to sound good. If you have Audyssey MultEQ XT, take the seventh and eighth measurements about 1 foot to either side of the center point and slightly forward of it (or behind it, if the couch is not up against the wall). For some reason, I couldn't get above like 46-48db. It just gets their relative output theoretically balanced, which is not the same as being calibrated, like what Audyssey does. Reading the manual, I learned that I should set the speaker crossover to 80 Hz because “Audyssey recommends that speakers are ALWAYS set to Small when there is a subwoofer in the system.” This apparently allows for proper bass management and more headroom in the receiver or amplifier. They will eventually return to stereo and realize that none of those bells and whistles are needed, just big speakers and a stereo amp playing the highest quality recording possible! I would definitly keep the CM10's as your mains and instead spend the money and get a second sub. I did equalize the system manually. I am going to set the crossover to DIRECT which eliminates any subwoofer filters. The speakers in my system do not run drivers out of phase. I too played transformers, but referred to an expert, yeah the kid again. I recently purchased a Marantz receiver with Audyssey MultEQ built-in. Reeber that when you’re looking at the latest offerings from the big brands, Bluetooth? 0 dB is typically used in these applications to indicate reference sound levels on the volume. For this test all of these problems were solved for the receiver, but in the average home they may not be. -You can manually adjust all the speakers to small after if for some reason it shows up as large. Audyssey, Pioneer's proprietary system, etc. JavaScript is disabled. In the worst cases, the autosetup sounds worse than doing no setup at all. :-), I made a bunch of typos above, but unfortunately I cannot fix them! Some autosetup systems check the wiring, but try to get it right in the first place. 1 question, due to the limitations of DVD, Blu-ray and Cd players ability to reproduce sounds why wouldn’t you be using a laptop to generate you tones when you’re setting up systems? You will have to make sure that all speakers are set to Small for this to work correctly. Cannot comment on phase. All seating positions in the room were measured with Audyssey. Hey guys. @LordoftheRings, from my understanding of Audyssey, this part of your statement is only partially true: "By manually change the speaker's x-overs, to our much better choice than Integra, we won't lose anything EQued by Audyssey. If your pre/pro chooses Full Range for your left and front speakers; you can manually select afterwards x-over of 80Hz and you won't lose the Audyssey EQ at all as it will be redirected to your subwoofer(s). Subwoofer Mode was set to LFE and the LPF for LFE was set to 120Hz for both Audyssey and manually. What Are the Benefits of Bi-Wiring Vs. Bi-Amping? The subwoofer distance is completely relevant. Almost not required with 8080bp rears though. So based on this statement from Audyssey, the manual for the Integra actually agrees with what Audyssey recommends and that is to go back and set any speakers to "small" and to start out by using the 80hz recommendation regardless if the receiver/pre-pro (not Audyssey) set them to "large/full range". I'm going to run my audyssey setup again with my new denon x4200w. The version of Audyssey in my 605 is 2EQ, which asks for three positions -- I would take what you suggest into consideration, it's just that the second seating position is off to the right of my primary seat, and is the larger couch of a set...and this position (where the wife normally sits) is outside of the diameter of the front right channel, where they recommend not measuring from; that's the layout of my room, so there's no choice. -The rest of the speakers were very close assuming your measurement was somehow more accurate. Hi, My setup is KEF 3005 SE + Denon AVR-1610. Can I Stream in High-Res Through My A/V Receiver? The benefit of doing that is that the subwoofer channel filters in MultEQ and MultEQ XT have much higher resolution and so you will get smoother bass response. You might want to look at that when I get into DIY audio tweaks. I'd also suggest you to adjust the LFE channel on the AVR to. Posted August 14, 2012 by W. Jeff Meier under Audio, Sencore Audio Consultant – Audio Tool For Manual Audio Setup And Evaluation. Audyssey works best that way, and there's a practical advantage to small settings: they redirect the speakers' bass to the subwoofer, so the receiver's amplifiers don't have to reproduce low frequencies. Out of curiosity I got out my SPL meter and downloaded 2 different SPL meter apps on my Android phone. Check here for restocks at Walmart, Amazon, GameStop and Target, Walmart's Black Friday sale is live: $50 Google Nest Hub, $49 Instant Pot, top video games as low as $15. In fact the subwoofer EQ was active in Audyssey and they just made things worse. I personally use a professional generator and pro test discs for my use. I have found that this is not an uncommon thing to find in systems that were setup with automated audio calibration systems. WTF! The nominal level of the LFE signal without Audyssey deviated significantly more between 50Hz and 60Hz than without Audyssey. Audyssey, Pioneer's proprietary system, etc. I too felt adsy multeq sounded harsh an had a tipped up sound in the high mid region. I’m not challenging the supremacy of manually calibration if you are committed, have some knowledge and money to calibrate your equipment, but I personally think Audyssey has done a fine job of calibrating my system in my room.


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