In order to be more efficient in your search, in what forum do you want to search ? When you check all the tracks, a guard will appear. How? | Terms of service The email address for your Ubisoft account is currently: We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. To Help a Girl Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. | Terms of service | Cookie Settings To begin To Help a Girl you must first complete To Find a Girl. Quests Maps World Map Elysium Underworld Atlantis Historical Locations More Ainigmata Ostraka Locations Keeper's Insights. As part of the process of gaining the trust of Anthousa, you must speak with one of her girls, Damalis, to learn of what you can do to help her. Talk to Leda. The Ainigmata Ostraka is on top of the shipwreck. This guide features an ideal chronological order for experiencing the main events of the game, informing the player about the consequences of their actions in specific quests, while directing them through the world by highlighting quests, objectives and points of interest to ensure that they do not miss any of the most captivating content in the game world. Treasure 2 is inside the storage building. What's happening in the mysterious house. They'll also reveal more about Anthousa, and the city's biggest threat, The Monger. Also quest marker for the "A Friend in Need" Quest. When you have determined her problem, go to the client’s house in the north west of Korinth. Defeat a few enemies and then destroy a few vases that block the entrance. Picking up immediately after the events of Fields of Elysium (the first episode of The Fate of Atlantis) , the new episode immediately throws Alexios or Kassandra into a fight with Cerberos, the monstrous three-headed dog who guards the Underworld's gates. She has some useful information for you, so you should listen to her. Verifying your email address also improves the security of your Ubisoft account, helps us provide you better support, and ensures you don't miss out on exclusive content, newsletters, and other special offers. Treasure 1 is inside the house, upstairs. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium ... You can then inspect the blood within the courtyard and destroy the pot that is blocking the entrance to the house. You may also be interested in something from the list below. Navigate back to the Walkthrough here. Phoibe will appear, respond to her however you please. Gaining the trust of the hetaerae was easier said then done. Strangely … Defeat the thug and then report back to Damalis to complete the quest. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It's the "Pillage Nation Chest". If you want to avoid the build up of a bounty, avoid hitting them and run away to hide once the guards are dead, until the citizens cease in their pursuit. Treasure 3 is at the top floor. The year is 431 BCE in Ancient Greece. To Help a Girl Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest. If you are still unsure of what to say, see the options below. Follow Leda to the suitors. When you are outside of the house you will encounter Phoibe. You can then inspect the blood within the courtyard and destroy the pot that is blocking the entrance to the house. No, you did great - The girl will be happy and will give you an amulet. An odd little girl in the clay pits asked Alexios to help her get materials to make jewelry for her friends. | Cookie Settings Each Keeper's Insight unlocks special Ability Enhancements, which are powerful new versions of existing abilities.Birth Cave of KronosThe entrance is inside the Kronos's Treasury building.1 x Find Keeper's InsightAbility enhancement: Kronos Time Shift (Vanish)Related quests: The Next Lesson.Den of Judgment1 x Find Keeper's InsightAbility enhancement: Artemis's Trickery (Devastating Shot)Related qu… She will reveal more information about Anthousa. When you are done speaking with the client, go back to Phoibe to see what she found in the house. Gaining the trust of the hetaerae was easier said then done. 3. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, In-Game Purchases, The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell (Updated), Ainigmata Ostraka Locations and Riddle Solutions, Cult of Kosmos - Cultist Locations and Spear Upgrades Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Treasure 2 is inside the house, ground floor. Head to the two women; a conversation will begin. Treasure 2 is in a room after this big pool. Go to the Entrance to the Underworld in Attika. Remove ads and unlock special features, Chapter 2 - A Solider, a Mercenary, a God. Hey there! Port of Lawlessness Follow That Boat. Despite being a wasteland, Hades' realm isn't as lifeless as Elysium. Head to the Temple of Aphrodite outside the main city. Draw them out of the courtyard and kill them. Navigate back to the Walkthrough here. Shiny Stones can be found in the Abandoned Mines. The hetaerae to investigate is standing in a nook near a pink rug with wings on it. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - General Discussions, "You need to be anonymous" -- Why? Treasure 4 is at the sleeping quarters in the west. ‘Getting a deed to some land.’ (option 1). ‘You have a meeting at Phaia’s pig farm.’ (option 3). Note: Listen carefully to what Phoibe tells you. If this email address is not valid, or you no longer have access to it, you can update your account details at or visit to open a support ticket. Treasure 1 is after the wooden stairs and ladder, where the planks are stored. 1. Objectives of Daddy's Home. In Origins, if you ran from your enemy long enough, whoever was chasing you, would give up after a few minutes at worst. Rewards: Epic XP, "Goo-Werry" (300 Drachmae). Treasure 3 is in the room with the Treasure Piles. Speak to her. | Contact us, The materials can be gathered within the Cradle of Myths in Seriphos, Pearls can be found in Polydektes Lagoon in northeastern Seriphos, Shiny stones can be found in the Abandoned Mines west of the Temple of Athena. This page in our guide for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey contains walkthroughs for the following quests: To Find a Girl, To Help a Girl, Port of Lawlessness, Monger Down. Why not join us today? Gather some more information, and the quest will be complete after this conversation. Below is everything you'll need to beat the mission To Find a Girl in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Speak with Phoibe and go to the marker. You need all of them to complete The Next Lesson quest. Privacy policy By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy. You will then be able to investigate a mysterious house, known as ‘Abron House’, to the south east. If you make a mistake and the client notices Phoibe, you will have to kill him and his guards. In order to create threads, posts, and interact with the Ubisoft forums you need to have a Ubisoft account with a verified email address. Fort Phyle. Continue speaking with Anthousa about Myrrine; she has some requests she needs to be fulfilled before revealing anything about dear mater. After this conversation, head to the Spring of Peirene near Akrokorinth Fort. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Torment of Hades – Where to recruit the Fallen Guardians. There will be some thugs outside; defeat them. The Treasure is at ground floor near one of the entrances. You need to gather three pearls. Torment of Hades, the second episode of Assassin's Creed Odyssey's The Fate of Atlantis story arc, arrives on June 4 to open the way to the Underworld. If you don't want him to notice Phoibe then you have to talk to him by making the right choices. The Ainigmata Ostraka is outside at the altar. After completing To Help a Girl you will get or will be able to get Monger Down (1 of 3). Yes, this stops now - You will tell her that she should look for real friends, which she will not be happy about. You will need the information to select the correct dialogue options when you speak with the client. Making Friends, quest walkthrough and hints. When you enter the courtyard the guards will attack you. In the cave, instead of Barnabas's wife, you will meet his daughter, also named Leda.


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