Looking for something specific? The result is maximum power per shot and more shots per charge. Staple guns use a spring loaded firing mechanism, where a hammer is driven down forcefully enough to splice off a staple, penetrate the materials being joined, and bend the edges of the staple back toward the staple gun. T50DCD Cordless Staple Gun Buy Now. Search here and we'll show you what we find! This cordless staple gun works with staples ranging from 1/4” to 1/2″. For soft wood, up to approximately 3/8”should be sufficient. The new T50DCD is cordless stapler like no other. My Arrow PT50 air staple gun will fire one staple but the piston will not retract and I have to manually push it back for the next staple how do i repair, failure new not used very often Either the piston needs lubricating, or the spring that returns it is broken. Troubleshooting a staple gun such as the Arrow T50 is often as simple as unclogging a jam in the mechanism. Its internal 3.6v lithium ion battery platform combines with Arrow’s new breakthrough design to deliver 500 full power shots on every full charge – 25% more than competitive cordless tools. X. This happens when a staple lodges inside the tool, usually at an angle so that no other staples can come out. Troubleshooting takes only a few minutes using household tools. As a general rule for working with hard woods: approximately 3/16” to 1/4”penetration into the wood is sufficient. Hey there! Page 1 50DCD ™ Arrow T50DCD ® ™ Cordless Electric Stapler Arrow T50DCD ® ™ Agrafeuse Électrique Sans Fil Arrow T50DCD ® ™ Grapadora eléctrica inalámbrica PMT50DCD-8n Rev 08/16...; Page 2: General Power Tool Safety Warnings T50DCD GENERAL POWER TOOL SAFETY WARNINGS CORDLESS ELECTRIC STAPLER To avoid injury and misuse, please read the instruction manual before operation. By understanding how a staple gun works, the user can eliminate many frustrating situations.


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