Polygyny allowed a high status man to always have a wife of fertile age but he was stuck feeding the old wives. Then they can get multiple mums and dads. That implies that a massive portion of the dating pool just doesn't practice true monogamy. If it was natural, we wouldn't need a legally binding contract for marriage just to keep people togehther! I think it is for some people, maybe a majority, but not for everyone, just like heterosexuality. Is there anything wrong with polygamy at the first place ? Most people do not think there is actually "the one", they just try to find someone who has what they want and wants what they have. It can be. Monogamous animals tend to exist when both parents can contribute equally to the development of the young. Therefore, not shaving=no divorce. "You can't put it to a binary when there's so many variations" is worthy of reddit gold but I am poor, and cannot give it to you. It is unclear to what extent women were influential in this "agreement," since it can at least be argued that they would be better off as the fourth or even twentieth wife of a very wealthy man than as the only wife of a pauper. As we become more aware of statism and its adverse effects on humanity, we will come to realize these things naturally; without all of this pseudo-intellectualism that keeps us constantly searching for answers we already know. Yes for some people monogamy is "boring" because they never had sex with many many women I mean many. So to clarify, I was saying infidelity in a monogamous relationship is wrong, not that clearly established polyamorous agreements are. I was using "wrong" in the sense of: you agree to be in a monogamous relationship and cheat on your partner. As I say, humanity is all over the spectrum - so these people are legitimately the way they are, and that's fine. And I haven't re-read the piece recently, but as I recall, one of its interesting revelations is that these polygamous groups have to expel most of the teenage boys. https://news.ubc.ca/2012/01/23/monogamy-reduces-major-social-problems-of-polygamist-cultures/, https://www.economist.com/christmas-specials/2017/12/19/the-link-between-polygamy-and-war, https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/07/case-against-polygamy/397823/, https://twitter.com/robkhenderson/status/1237446148492754945, https://twitter.com/robkhenderson/status/1237089300916973569, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-human-beast/201210/the-three-reasons-polygamy, https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/04/shortage-eligible-men-has-left-women-taking-desperate-steps/, https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2010/02/mormon-fundamentalist-church-latter-day-saints-polygamy/, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adultery#Prevalence. A society where the majority of breeding-age people are not monogamous is one where you have mass suffering and death from STDs and where children have no fathers (or where the concept of a father is reduced to a court-ordered garnishment) and therefore no stability. Thanks for the word of the day: Polyamory. Typically, swingers (or whatever you want to call them) have social gatherings where one or both of a couple may have sex with another person. But recent research points to flawed assumptions about our inherent tendency toward monogamy, and shows that, in fact, humans are not hardwired to pair up with the same partner forever. And love is only acquired when we are no longer animalistic in our behavior and conduct. Females of a species have their own biological strategies for maximizing their number of healthy offspring that survive to adulthood. I really can't fathom how someone could fail to see the advantages, even if they don't feel inclined towards polyamory themselves Evolutionary it makes a lot of sense for a woman to take two mates. It's a colloquialism, or slang, and open to a certain amount of interpretation. In reply to both you and the question posed here on this blog, A much better analysis than conjecture is the writings and theory by various humans, The gist by memory is .Man domesticated animals and planted seeds leading to humans becoming stationary, building buildings creating civilisation . Of course these bonds are not forever. Our ball-size seems to indicate that we’re cheating assholes by nature. We're super visual. I don't know how this comment got printed twice. On reddit we tend predominantly see the worst relationship moments, the most dramatically messed up people, and since the loudest population on here is the youngest population - that 13-25 year old demographic - there is also a lot about sex, which gives a lot of people the mistaken notion that motivation for sex really, actually is the #1 thing keeping people together. Several studies have reported a large amount of sexual dimorphism in Australopithecus, an evolutionary ancestor of human beings that lived between 2 and 5 million years ago. This is purely opinion; I could very well be wrong. It's up there, and it's huge, but it's a revolving carousel of really crucial shit, without which a lot of people feel their lives are the poorer for it. There's no census or record keeping for poly people in the same way as mono people, and many people who practice polyamory don't do so publicly. If you want to sleep around outside the relationship, you should be honest about it). We often forget that humans were few and far between during most of our evolution. Now that that is mentioned, promiscuity itself causes mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. This website, is unnatural. Now, the question that persists is, why religion had behested monogamy (especially Christianity) in favor of polygamy ? Thanks for letting me know what you--and perhaps others--feel is sexist about this posting. I was trying to put this exact idea into words but couldn’t. It has been conjectured that monogamy became a solution to instability in primitive society: Imagine a tribe of men and women and only the top couple of males - perhaps the strongest or wisest - had access to the majority of the females. the explosion of the global population; way beyond what the world can sustain. Not sure if this is evolution trying to get around monogamy or what? In this way, even if only half of the children genetically belong to each man, they still have a greater chance of passing on their genetics. They have their cake and eat it too. But the fact that we go against our biology in other ways is not a defense as to why it makes sense to do so. That's romance movie talk. The human brain has limits to how much it can focus on social upkeep. They may have taken the kids to a movie and McD together, but never had a date night to themselves. [49] Depending on studies, it was estimated that 26–50% of men and 21–38% of women,[50] or 22.7% of men and 11.6% of women, had extramarital sex. It's a choice we can make and hopefully we end up making choices that lead to happiness. It's only been in the last 10,000 years of modern man's 100,000 year history that we had a large enough population to have cities and the complex social structure that required rules for mating.


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