Early farmers domesticated cereals, fruits, vegetables and animals. Organic farming usually goes down in a natural environment. rainfall, atmospheric pressure, leaf wetness and fruit or trunk diameter. Unlike other forms of farming, organic farming does not involve any artificial sources like chemicals to drive away pests or to speed up the process of farming. Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Smart Agriculture: It provides food that can be consumed by human beings. Some products related to organic farming are too expensive, leading to some common people to not be able to afford it. ➨The smart agriculture needs availability of internet continuously. water, fertilizers, seeds etc. Food for Animals: . Organic farming has really changed the farming game. Organic farming is definitely the way to go. Introduction: Like we said earlier, in organic farming ventures, the amount of labor is high and it takes a lot of time and patience to the get work done. • Smart agriculture use IoT and cellular wireless technologies for remote connectivity. On an economic scale farming provides cheap food to the grower. In a country like India where most of its livelihood are farmers, organic farming brings a huge problem to it. ➨It delivers high quality crop production. These type of sectors are only commercial-minded and are least bothered about the satisfaction and health of the consumer. This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Smart Agriculture. helps in wireless monitoring and control. However, organic farming in Tamil Nadu have had some success stories. ➨Smart agriculture use drones and robots which Goats are actually multi-purpose animals and they are raised for many different purposes (which is among the top advantages of goat farming). The seeds of GMO plants once planted, create GMO crops. 3. ➨The smart farming based equipments require farmers to understand and learn the use of technology. These improves data collection process and An open and natural area for growing the crops would give them wild and instinctive growing nature. So, we can say that organic items are expensive and not every consumer is willing to pay the price for it. The reason for this extreme regulation is because of the importance to keep the label organic. Organic farming does not use any form of chemical nor does any form of pollution happen because of it. Natural Environment Organic farming … Organic farming has really changed the farming game. ➨Solar powered and mobile operated pumps save cost of electricity. Any type of chemical is not entertained in the organic farming industry. • Smart agriculture came to existence when GPS became available for civilian use. However, people are starting to prefer organic farming and are performing such practises like – mushroom cultivation, aloe vera farming, spirulina cultivation, sugarcane cultivation, banana cultivation, pomegranate cultivation etc. This has become a huge problem in the organic farming sector. Organic farming is a sector that requires a lot of patience. Even in the USA where food is relatively cheap, you still save heaps of money through subsistence farming. Following are the benefits or advantages of Smart Agriculture: ➨It allows farmers to maximize yields using minimum resources such as water, fertilizers, seeds etc. These include vegetables, fruits and... 2. This is ideal for the crops and is one of the factors that leads to the plants being organic. There are various methods of organic farming and its standards must be maintained in order to remain organic. order to conserve resources such as water, fertilizer etc. Once sold to the market, most of the place is devoted to the sale of these organic fruits and vegetables. This makes it very difficult to tell from the organic and GMO crops. Organic farming has to be executed well which needs a lot of time and not to forget weed-prevention. To learn more about this type of farming, we are breaking down its ten advantages and disadvantages.


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