When I tell you that there are a possible 80 different riding mode combinations on the DCT bike, you may start forming a complex and complicated picture. The tank ring ($21) screws onto the gas cap (longer screws are provided with the kit), then the bag snaps on and off easily, making gas stops a breeze. Tyres: Dunlop Trailmax front 90/90-21 front, rear 15/70-18 tubed I agreeI do not agree, I consent to allow Adventure Bike Rider to collect my contact information (required). Sticking with the seat height, Honda has pulled off a bit of an engineering whiz with the new Africa Twin where you get the coveted combination of a reasonably low seat and good ground clearance (250mm) on the same bike. In addition, the bike needed to excel in off-road conditions. One of the major advantages of attending a new bike launch with stabbing back pains is that the ergonomics and seat height are of brutal significance in real time rather than something to casually address with a retrospective keyboard flurry back in the office. It even survived an encounter with a rather large dog that had gotten loose and ran headlong into the big front wheel, knocking the bike and me to the ground at about 15 mph. At a leisurely or relatively fast paced ride the DCT is superb. dunlopmotorcycle.com The fact that it can cut it off-road is the icing on the cake – we want one and we want one now. Automatic gear changes are so smooth and unobtrusive I was constantly checking to see which gear the bike was in. And the ergonomics are spot on too with a foot, butt and hand triangle that’s both comfortable and commanding in layout and that applies when standing or sitting down. dp-brakes.com. If the Africa Twin has a slight weak spot then this is it. One thing I noticed on the test ride was the lack of riders stretching legs and standing towards the end of the day – always a good sign of long distance comfort. The power is delivered in a smooth, non-threatening linear fashion right through the rev range. There is now much better feel at the levers, a bit more bite (though not abrupt at all) and much more linear response with no fade. Wheels: Wire-spoked 21″ front and 18″ rear The exception is whereas the Ténéré feels, and is, top heavy, the Africa Twin does not and is not. We were genuinely blown away by the Honda and just how enjoyable it was to ride compared to the almost tank-sized competition like the BMW and Super Tenere. Essentially then, what Honda have managed to achieve is an adventure bike that is going to be manageable and comfortable for both tall and shorter riders. That’s no complaint, I’m very much a fan of the sleeker, more modern appearance. Nevertheless, cruising at autobahn speeds is a no stress experience; stability is good, the seat is comfy and the small front screen does such an effective job that buffeting and wind noise are not distractions. In my book the new Africa Twin looks more like the big brother of the CRF450 than the son of a 2003 XRV750 RD07A (the last motorcycle to carry the name Africa Twin). Commuting is also a breeze on the Africa Twin. On the other hand you can ignore all the buttons, look straight ahead, twist the throttle and ride with nothing more to do. The route for the day was not the level, hard-packed, graded roads which are common in South Africa but 50-or-so miles of genuine technical trails. We did discover, however, that with the Helibars riser installed, the fixed position of the large Givi tank bag (due to the tank ring mount) interferes with the handlebar at full lock. The Africa Twin will make you a very happy commuter. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It wasn’t so long ago that journalists were denied food, water and welfare on press trips. And even the bar starts getting vertigo when you add on the excellent DCT. A safety tether, rain cover and extra strap-on clear map/tablet compartment are included. It takes everything we throw at it in stride and asks for more. A fast paced road bike that’ll bound you down motorways in stress-free comfort and offer you the option of taking on twisty A and B roads plus gnarly green lanes at the destination. You may be detecting a vibe that suggests I liked the Africa Twin and you’d not be wrong. Power: 98bhp @7500rpm Torque: 68.6ftlb@6000rpm All you need do is pick the line and enjoy the experience. giviusa.com The stance, smooth power delivery, balance, excellent fuelling and throttle control, low seat height, high ground clearance, 21in front and 18in rear wheels, effective traction control and an ABS system which allows you to switch off at the rear whilst remaining on at the front all combine to produce a bike that defies it’s size and bulk. How did the Africa Twin stack up against the KTM 1090 Adventure R? The performance felt more akin to the current crop of 800cc machines rather than one that was going to compete with the 1000cc plus brigade. 2017 Honda Africa Twin | Long-Term Review, Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, Adventure & Dual-Sport Motorcycle Reviews, Triumph Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program. 10 of the best 125cc adventure bikes on the market, Leaked sketch suggests Honda is about to bring back the Dominator, New 2020 Honda Africa Twin line-up – everything you need to know, Black Widow Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin De-Cat Performance Race Downpipes review, Larger capacity Honda Africa Twin on the cards. At the crest of the pass I engaged tourist mode for the ride down to the lunch stop and this is where the DCT came into its own. Lastly, we’ve found the AT’s brakes to be a bit on the wimpy side (common on dirt-oriented dual-sports), so we installed a set of DP Brakes sintered pads (DP559 front and DP121 rear). Colours: Tricolour: black: silver: victory red. Had I been sat in the straightjacket pen known as economy there’d have been no room to wiggle my toes let alone take part in extended stretching of the lumbar region. 2017 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Review. More often than not I found myself entering corners at overrun speeds that pushed my comfort level to the limit. See our privacy policy for details on how we manage your data. The best off-road  capability of any 1000cc adventure bike on the market. Historically, ‘low seat, high ground clearance’ has been the ultimate motorcycle oxymoron. The effect is a low centre of gravity and balance which had us riding these bikes in technical conditions more like you would an enduro than an overweight adventure bike. Day two was going to be interesting. What you do get is quite a significant front fork dive under heavy or unexpected breaking. Essentially you can dial in any combination of the above to achieve a custom setting that suits your particular riding style and/or the terrain you’re riding on. In fact a lot more user friendly and logical than some bikes with just an on/off traction control switch. Finally, having survived a Honda PR campaign that appeared to be following a biblical timeline, I was hoping to swing a leg over the new Africa Twin. And when you throw in the DCT which works near perfect in off-road conditions you can forget having to find the gear lever when standing up or trying to work out which gear you need to engage to work through the deep mud or sand up ahead – the Africa Twin will do it all for you. On some new adventure bike launches the gnarly activity is limited to riding through a photogenic hard-packed gravel car park.


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